Photos from Boston's Museum of Fine Arts, Egyptian Galleries

Pre-Dynastic to Early Dynastic

Bowl w/ Hippopotami

Two Pre-Dynastic Vessels

Knife & Double Vase

Bowl w/ Gazelle Comb

Comb & Hairpins

Jar w/ Boat & Plants

Bowl w/ Crocodile Hunt


Cult Stand

Squat Jar w/ Lug Handles

Forepart of a Lion

Small Pieces

Two Furniture Legs

PreDynastic Figurines

From Khasekhemwy's Tomb

Old Kingdom

Fragment from Kawab's Tomb

Prince Ankh-haf

"Opening of the Mouth" Tools
Personified Estates

Relief of Nofer

Nofer and Wife

Seshemnefer II

Broad Collar & Dress

Pair Statue, 4th Dyn.

Relief of Meretites III

Relief of Senenuka

Sarcophagus - Meresankh II

Hetepheres II & Meresankh III

Unfinished Statues of Menkaura

Kanofer's Door Jambs

Fragment of Anubis Statue

Throne of Menkaura's Statue

Menkaura with Queen

Menkaura w/ 2 Deities

Huge Statue of Menkaura

Standing Statue of Babaef

False Door of Khufu-Ankh

Offering Table of Khufu-Ankh

Statue of Bau & Baru

Old Kingdom Bakers

Chapel of Kayemnofret

Chapel of Sekhemankhptah

Statue of Khuienkhufu

Nefu and Khenetemsetju

Tjenty Posed as a Scribe

Penmeru and ...

Collar and Bracelets

Mehu Fishing

Statue of Brothers

Statue of Senedjemibmehy

Old Kingdom Canopic Jars

Model Offering Tables

Standing Statues of Tjetety


Two Tiny Statuettes of Nykaure

Chapel of Satinteti

Oil Tablet

"Opening of the Mouth" Tools

Letter to the Dead

Palm-capital Column

First Intermediate Period and Middle Kingdom

Stele of Meny

Stele of Wadjsetji & Merirtyef

Statue of Mentuhotep III

Re-inscribed Sphinx

Statue of Sehetepib Senaaib

Fragment of Lintel Block

Fragments of Senwosret I

Head of Female Sphinx


Head of a Nobleman
Second Intermediate Period and New Kingdom

N.K. Statue of a Man

New Kingdom Chalice

New Kingdom Mirrors

Sarcophagus -Thutmose I

Queen Hatshepsut

Fragment with Uraeus

From the Tomb of Thutmose IV

Amenhotep II Offering

Game Box & Pieces

Bowl with Tilapia

Fish-Shaped Jar

Reliefs of Sobekmose


Shawabty Coffin Lid

N.K. Canopic Jars

Amenemhat's Canopic Jar

Small Faience Fragments


Alabaster Amphora

Model Vessel

Fragment with Seti I

N.K. Prince

Statue of Ramesses II

Slipper Coffin

Unfinished Stela

Third Intermediate Period and Late Period

Hathor Capital


Aegis of Isis

Mummy Case & Mummy of Tabes



Statuette of Ptah

Ram's Head Finial

Head of Ankhkhonsu

Huge Statue of Aspelta

Statue of Anlamani

Boat Stand of Atlanersa

Ibis & Priest

Box with Frog

Hedgehog and ...

Was Scepter

Statuette of a Cat

Sarcophagus of Kheper-Re

Osiris Seated

Falcon Coffin

"Boston Green Head"


Greco-Roman Era

Early Roman Mummy Mask

Bell with Bes


Ptolemy I & Hathor

Isis & Serapis

Bes the Warrior

Amen & Ptah-Sokar-Osiris


Snake Bracelet

Mummy Mask

Shroud of Tasheretwedjahor

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