Fragment of a Statue of Anubis

Fragment of a reclining Anubis
From Giza, valley temple of Menkaura, Dynasty 4, reign of Menkaura, 2490-2472 B.C.E.
Greywacke, (a) .144 H. x .134 W. / (b) .112 H. x .086 W.
Harvard University—Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition 1911, MFA #11.721a-b
There are two fragments in the MFA collection. By the dimensions given, we know I've photographed part 'a'. The museum website has photos of the other piece, the neck of the statuette. Such fine work, we can feel the 'about to spring' energy in those back limbs!
Photo ©Joan Ann Lansberry, 2014

I found "An Anubis Figure in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts." by Lynn Holden which visualizes how this piece would have originally looked: