Kanofer's Door Jambs
Door jambs from the tomb of Kanofer
Egypt (Giza, G 2150), Old Kingdom, Dynasty 4, 2630-2524 B.C.E.
Painted limestone, Height: 25 cm (9 13/16 in.)
Harvard University—Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition 1906, MFA #34.58
Photos © Joan Ann Lansberry

"Kanofer was an official entrusted with missions to foreign lands. These two fragments come from the entrance jambs to his tomb chapel and once faced each other (see drawing). The sloping sides reflect the slant of the exterior wall of the tomb. The south jamb (on the left) shows Kanofer seated, holding a staff. As the photograph and drawing show, the rest of his figure is still at Giza."(From info card.) (Sorry, I didn't photograph these two.)

Hoping to find the rest of his figure, I took to gizapyramids.org. While I didn't find that, I did find traces of parts of these door jambs:

Assembled traces by William Stevenson Smith found at gizapyramids.org

"In the register before Kanofer's face, the scribe Wehemka shows him a papyrus roll that probably records his estate income." (From info card.)

William Stevenson Smith's trace of Wehemka presenting the papyrus...

"Behind Wehemka, a seated scribe with two reed pens stuck behind his ear takes dictation. Around the corner on the exterior face of the jamb, funerary priests offer incense, clothing and a libation to (fragmentary) figures of Kanofer and his son. More offerings are depicted on the north jamb (on the right), and the exterior face around the corner lists some of Kanofer's titles." (From info card.)

The glyphs read his name, "Ka-nofer" or "Ka-nefer"...

"G 2150. Kanofer, Overseer of commissions, Herdsman of the White Bull, Director of the Palace, etc." "Mother (probably), Meresankh, Royal acquaintance (possibly same as wife of Nofer, tomb G 2110). Wife, Shepsetkau, Prophetess of Hathor and Neith, etc." (_Topographical Bibliography of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic Texts, Reliefs and Paintings_, by Bertha Porter, Rosalind Moss and Jaromir Malek)

Glyphs in upper left corner...

Scene at lower left...