Egyptian Art at Metropolitan Museum
First Index - Predynastic through 12-13th Dynasty

Pre-Dyn. Fishtail Blades

Bone Comb w/ Antelope

Pre-Dyn. Palettes

Pre-Dyn. Seated Woman

Bowl w/ Feet

1st Dyn. Young Lion

Leg from a bed or chair

1th Dyn Ritual Vessel

Stela of Raneb, 2nd Dyn.

Akhtihotep, 4st Dyn.

Standing Man, 4nd Dyn.

4th Dyn. Lion

Niankhwadjet, 4st Dyn.

Memi and Sabu, 4nd Dyn.

Columns, 5th Dyn.

Merti & Wife, 5nd Dyn.

Nikare, 5th Dyn.

Demedji & Hennutsen

Nikare and Family

Raemkai's Chapel

Sahure & Nome God

Nikauhor's West Wall

Tomb of Perneb, False Door

Opening of the Mouth Set

Idi, 6th Dyn.

Ankhy, 6th Dyn.

Royal Vessels, 6th Dyn.

Monkey Vases, 6th Dyn.

Indi & Wife, 8th Dyn.

Funerary Stela of Neferiu

Mereri, 9th Dyn.

Relief of Mentuhotep

King Mentuhotep II

Column Fragment

Face of the Pharoah

Funerary Stela of Maaty

Woman Smelling Lily

Relief of Amenemhat I

Amenemhat I & Senwosret I

Two Twelfth Dynasty Statues

Huge Statue of Amenemhat II

Horus Falcon Panels

Royal Woman, 12th Dyn.

Two Twelfth Dynasty Statues

Offering Bearers

Soul of Nekhen, 12th Dyn.

Stela - Dedu & Sitsobek

The Steward Au

Offering Bearer, 12 Dyn.

Mummy of Ukhhotep

Jewelry Box, 12th Dyn.

Wah's Jewelry

Pectoral, reign Senwosret II

Gold and amethyst anklet

Various, Middle Kingdom

Faience Hippopotamus

Two Magical Wands

Game, 12-13th Dyn.

Sphinx of Senwosret III


Khentika, 13th Dyn.

Seated Cloaked Man

Monkey - Jar
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These photos were taken during visits to New York City in 2005, 2008, 2009 and 2012.

Second Index of Egyptian Art at Metropolitan Museum: 14th Dynasty to Roman Period
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