Photos from Exhibition of Tutankhamun's Treasures

Jar w/ Stand

Perfume Vessel

Tall Vase

Thutmose III's Vase

Ankh Torch Holder

Heset Vase

Nemset Vase

Travelling Chest

Semicircular Box

Calcite Chest

Cartouche Box

Minature Senet

Tall Chest

Wooden Armchair

Two Boats

Horn w/ Fill



Head Rests

Wooden Bed

Recumbant Tut

Shabti w/ Khepresh

Crook & Flail

Mummy Trimmings

Shabti w/ Nemes


Calcite Head


Divine Guardian



Falcon Collar

"Two Ladies" Collar

Winged Wadjet

Wadjet Eye Pectoral

Thoth Amulet

Serpent Amulet

Two Wadj Amulets

Djed Pillar Amulet

Horus Amulet

Overseer Shabti

Overseer Shabti

Shabti w/ Crown

Calcite Shabti

Wooden Shabti

Wooden Shabti

Statue of Ptah

Statue of Horus

In White Crown

On a Skiff

On a Leopard

Ceremonial Shield

Was Scepter

Ostrich Hunt Fan

Bow Case

Falcon w/ Sun Disk

Wadjet Eye Bracelet

Ring w/ Uraie

Earring w/ Duck Head

Earring w/ King & Uraie

Scarab Pectoral

Rising Sun Necklace

Scarab w/ Name of King

Ankh Mirror Case

Scarab Bracelet

Bracelet w/ Green Stone

Five Scarab Necklace

Falcon Pectoral

Gilded Statue Shrine

Night Barque Pectoral

Wishing Cup

Tutankhamun's Huge Statue
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