Photos from LACMA Museum, Los Angeles, Egyptian Galleries

Double Bird Palette

Jar w/ Lug Handles

Squat Vase w/ Lugs

Someone Grinding Grain

Tending Fire

Funerary Headrest

Bust of an Official

Women with Lily

Userhat and Kha

Shed Stela

Stela of Iuef-er-bak

Menacing God

Silver Ra-Horakhty

Seated Baboon

N.K. Osiris


Torso of Osiris


Osiris Coffin

Mummiform Falcon



Situla for Sheshonq

Ram's Head

Nectanebo II

Three Ushebti and ...


Horus as a Falcon

Composite Ibis

Sistrum w/ Cow

Counterpoise of Psamtek I

Ibis Standard

Head of Bast


Statuette of Ptah

Sr-Dhwty's Block Statue

Sculptor's Model

Horus as a Falcon

Situla w/ Isis & Nephthys

Staff Finial and Base

Mummy Mask

Winged Isis

Isis as a Serpent

Mummy Mask

These photos are from two different visits. The first visit was in 2009. The second visit was in 2018. On the second visit, some of LACMA's Egyptian collection was at a different museum, while they are building a new building for their permanant collection.

From March 20, 2018 - December 8, 2018, Vincent Price museum has this exhibit: PASSING THROUGH THE UNDERWORLD: EGYPTIAN ART FROM THE LOS ANGELES COUNTY MUSEUM OF ART (LACMA) The exhibition also includes two artworks from the permanent collection of the Vincent Price Art Museum, and one of the photos is from their collection!
----- Joan Ann Lansberry

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