Stela of Shed and Horus

Egypt, 5th Dynasty, New Kingdom, 1550 - 1070 BCE
Limestone, 7 1/2 ◊ 5 9/16 ◊ 1 3/4 in. (19.05 ◊ 14.13 ◊ 4.45 cm)
Gift of Carl W. Thomas
LACMA #M.80.203.231

The deity to the left is Shed. "Shed, 'He who rescues' or 'the enchanter', was a protective god venerated mainly from New Kingdom times, though he is attested earlier." (Richard Wilkinson, _The Complete Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt_, (Thames and Hudson, 2003), page 135.)

"Shed is shown as a youth wearing a side lock, holding some of the creatures he dominates such as snakes and oryx and standing on the backs of crocodiles, his power as a hunter defined by the quiver on his back. Sometimes he is depicted in a chariot pulled by griffons. He is closely associated with HORUS particularly under that godís form of Harpokrates who offers similar amuletic protection against wild beasts." (George Hart, _The Routledge Dictionary of Egyptian Gods and Goddesses_, (Routledge, 2005 )page 146.)

Hart gives the hieroglyphs for "Shed".

The god to the right is indeed Horus, "Lord of Heaven".