Ancient Assyrian Art from Various Museums

Two Lamassu @ MET

Huge Lamassu @ OIM

Genie @ Brklyn

Two Princes @ OIM

Genie @ Brklyn

Two Statues @ OIM

Two Officers @ OIM

Genie @ Brklyn

Genie @ Brklyn

Two Griffins @ MET

Genie Head @ ARTIC

Genie @ Brklyn

Pazuzu @ OIM

Helmet @ MFA

Head of a Eunuch @ MET

Genie @ MFA

Plaque @ MFA

Seated Man @ MFA

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"The history of the Near East during the first millennium B.C. is dominated by the expansion of the Assyrian state and its rivalry with Babylonia. At its height in the 7th century B.C., the Assyrian empire was the largest and most powerful that the world had ever known. It included all of Mesopotamia, Syria, Palestine, and Egypt, as well as parts of Anatolia and Iran."
(From info card at Chicago's Oriental Museum)

Photos from Oriental Institute Museum - Egyptian Galleries
Photos from Chicago's Art Institute - Egyptian Galleries
Photos from Boston Museum of Fine Arts - Egyptian Galleries
Photos from Brooklyn Museum - "Art for Eternity"
Photos from Metropolitan Museum - Egyptian Galleries
Photos from Los Angeles's LACMA - Egyptian Galleries
Photos from Tutankhamun's Treasures, On Tour
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