Personified Estates

Personified Estates
Old Kingdom, reign of Khufu, Dyn. 4, 25852560 B.C.E.
From Saqqara, Firth mastaba 3078
Limestone, H x W x D: 46.6 x 85 x 2.5 cm (18 3/8 x 33 7/16 x 1 in.)
Edwin E. Jack Fund 1963, MFA #63.489

"The two figures on this relief represent districts or estates providing offerings for the cult of the deceased. Each carries a basket of food and beverages, along with a duck, intended as food for the tomb owner's spiritual life force, or ka. Originally, they would have been part of a procession of such estates in the mastaba of an official; his name has not survived. The large hieroglyphs in front of each figure identify the estate. The female is Nebutet and the male Senen" (From info card)
Photos ©Joan Ann Lansberry, 2014