Statue of Khuienkhufu

Statue of Khuienkhufu
Egypt, (From Giza, G 2407 D), Old Kingdom, Dynasty 5, 2465–2323 B.C.E.
Limestone, Height: 83.3 cm (32 13/16 in.)
Harvard University—Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition 1937, MFA #37.638
Photos ©Joan Ann Lansberry, 2014

"The subject stands with arms at the side, hands clenched, and left leg advanced--the classic pose for a male figure, which continued through some 3,000 years of Egyptian history. The cylindrical objects held within his clenched fists probably represent folded cloths used as handkerchiefs. The inscription on the base gives his title and name: 'The supervisor of palace attendants, Khuienkhufu (meaning 'one whom Khufu has protected')." (From info card)

Here's the hand clutching the mysterious item.

Statue of Khuienkhufu as found lying in tomb shaft, March 19, 1936. Harvard University-Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition photograph C13754_NS. Photographer: Mohammedani Ibrahim.
(Photographer of Ibrahim's photo: Joan Ann Lansberry)