Statue of Babaef
Standing Statue of Babaef
Egypt (From Giza, G 5230), Old Kingdom, Late Dynasty 4 - early Dynasty 5, 2472-2458 B.C.E.
Limestone, Height: 150 cm (59 1/16 in.)
Harvard University—Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition 1934, MFA #34.1461
Photos © Joan Ann Lansberry

"Babaef was a 'vizier', the highest state office below the king, much like a prime minister. This put him extremely close to the center of power, and, indeed, his elaborate tomb was in the great cemetery that surrounds the three royal pyramids at Giza. At this time in Egypt's history, the office of prime minister was usually held by sons or other close relatives of the king, though we don't know for whom Babaef worked." (From info card)