Statue of Bau and Baru
Seated pair statuette of Bau and Baru
Egypt (Giza, G 2009), Old Kingdom, Dynasty 5, 2465-2323 B.C.E.
Painted limestone, Height: 35.5 cm (14 in.)
Harvard University—Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition 1906, MFA #06.1885
Photo © Joan Ann Lansberry
"Seated statue of a couple, whose names are Bau and Baru, seated on a cube-like chair. The husband, Bau, wears a short, curly wig, broad collar, and knee-length kilt. He sits with his hands in his lap, his right hand holding a handkerchief and his left palm open. Baru sits with her left hand flat on her lap and her right arm around her husband's waist. She wears a full wig, broad collar, and tightly-fitting white sheath dress. The chair is painted pink in imitation of granite." (Museum website description)

The back view, courtesy of the museum website, shows that each of those broad collars have been given a counterweight: