New Kingdom Canopic Jars
Set of canopic jars with heads of four sons of Horus
Egypt, New Kingdom, Dynasties 19-29 B.C.E.
Faience, height from 22 to 22.5cm ((8 11/16 to 8 7/8 inches)
All: Gift of Mrs. J. D. Cameron Bradley in memory of her mother, Mrs. J. Montgomery Sears Left:
Hapy (head of a baboon), MFA #48.1288a-b
Imsety (head of a human), MFA #48.1289a-b
Photos © Joan Ann Lansberry
Qebehsenuef (head of a falcon), MFA #48.1286a-b
Duamutef (head of a jackal), MFA #48.1287a-b
In the subdued lighting of this gallery, we can just make out the decoration of the deceased giving dua (adoration) to Osiris. The museum website gives a better view of the details: