Head of Seshem-nofer II

Head of Seshem-nofer II
Egypt, from Giza, G 2200 B (=5080), Old Kingdom, Dynasty 4, 2575–2465 B.C.E.
Red granite, Height: 24.5 cm (9 5/8 in.)
Harvard University—Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition 1912, MFA #12.1487
Photos ©Joan Ann Lansberry, 2014

"The tomb of Seshem-nofer, whose titles include royal [arch over-seer] of royal document scribes, is among the finest and [best] of the Giza necropolis. This head was part of a statue originally placed in the serdab, or statue chamber, [broken] up and thrown by tomb robbers into a nearby shaft. [...] The face is modeled in simple planes, but retaines a lively quality to the eyes, whose pupils still show traces of red paint. " (From the partially captured info card) The MFA also loaned a seated statue of Seshemnofer to the San Antonio Museum, Here if not there, by "bmommyx7"