Offering Chapel of Kayemnofret

Offering chapel of Kayemnofret
Egypt, from Saqqara, Old Kingdom, Dynasty 5, 24652323 B.C.E.
Painted limestone
Emily Esther Sears Fund 1904, MFA #04.1761
Photos ©Joan Ann Lansberry, 2014

"Kayemnofret was the director of scribes for two Fifth Dynasty government positions. His rectangular, mud brick mastaba tomb originally featured a long entrance corridor and antechamber, as well as this decorated inner chapel. A massive false door adorned with beautifully carved hieroglyphic texts dominates the wall opposite the entrance, originally the chapel's west wall. To the right of the false door, offerings are listed in rectangular compartments. To its left are row upon row of jars, trays and bowls full of food for Kayemnofret to enjoy in the afterlife. "The north wall (to the right as one enters) contains scenes of duck hunting in a papyrus marsh, rope making, and men bringing offerings for the tomb. On the south wall, Kayemnofret receives cattle and other animals for his mortuary cult. On the east wall, the scene to the right of the doorway shows Kayemnofret overseeing agricultural activities and tax collection. To the left of the door are scenes of fishing, duck hunting, butchering, and boatmen fighting with poles, a game that may have been featured at harvest festival."(From the info card)

And I didn't photograph any of those scenes! (The museum website photos do, however.) Meanwhile, I have good close ups of Kayemnofret's face:

This shows part of the glyphs for Kayemnofret's name. Note the fine details of the fish, and the glyph for "ka" even has the arms wearing bracelets.

"Ka - m - nofer - r - t"

Kayemnofret standing...

We see the pharaoh's cartouche, "Neferirkare"...

Glyph for "House of Life"... (Per-Ankh)

Glyph for "Hoe"... (Henen)