Box with Frog

Cosmetic box with frog
Said to have been found at Marsin near Adana in southwest Turkey, 600500 B.C.E.
Faience, height x width box: 2.2 x 7 cm (7/8 x 2 3/4 in.), height x width lid: 2.8 x 7 cm
Edward J. and Mary S. Holmes Fund 1970, MFA #1970.571
"Blue-green faience round box with crouching frog on swinging lid. Modern dowel. Interior divided into four wedge-shaped segments. Deep blue details on frog"(From Museum website)

My capture of the info card was only partial:
"Egyptian faience (a silica-based ceramic) was an international [...] in Egypt were exported throughout the Mediterranean world [...] contact with a variety of cultures beyond their borders. Located in the East Mediterranean world, notably on the island of Rhodes [...] box, once identified as Egyptian, is probably the work of an [Egyptian?][...] the medium.
I think it's saying that although the box was found elsewhere, it's probably the work of an ancient Egyptian artisan. (From info card)

Photos ©Joan Ann Lansberry, 2014