All Things In Good Time:
A Vampire Tale

© Joan Ann Lansberry

Chapter Outline

(Loosely beginning in a place very much like Yuma, Arizona, Terra Firma, but perhaps an alternate world.)


FEAR NOT the number of chapters!
All them combined equal only 437KB. I'm not sure what that is in word count, but they are short.
1. Initiated!:
2. Come The Dawn
3. Secure And Loved
4. A Strange Kind Of Stasis
5. Library Life
6. Book Learning
7. Someone, Somewhere
8. In The Mean Time
9. Courage To Meet
10. Not Lost, But Found
11. Brave Spirit
12. Adjustments
13. Queer Folk
14. Vampire Convention
15. Something Dark And Sickening
16. Bad Blood, Good Blood
17. Family At Last
18. Golden Discovery
19. Meeting Golden's Mother
20. Hungry Goldie!
21. A Beauty Lesson

22. Darkening Shadows
23. The Plan
24. Artists, Hurrumph!

Sebastian, A Vamp Who Never Goes Hungry

25. Stranger On The Doorstep
26. Preserved For The Ages
28. Possibilities!
29. There, But For The Grace Of Curse!
30. All Good Things In Time
31. Enduring Love, Enduring Hatred
32. Ready For A Change
33. Unexpected Visitor
34. Unexpected Attraction
35. Not Enough
36. Rejoicing And Revolting
37. Family Understanding
38. Delirious!
39. Meeting Of The Minds
40. Meeting Of The Hearts
41. Beginning Of Trouble
42. He Who Would Be King
43. Sardok's Proposal
44. Waiting And Hoping
45. Nervous
46. The Rightful Order Of Things
47. Strength And Courage
48. Sardok Unmoved
49. Under Sardok's Control
50. So Many Scattered Ashes
51. Reclamation!

Character Facts:

Sebastian Celadon Blackwell,
born 1732,
turned 1754, when he was 22
Height: 6ft 1in (185.42 Cent), 155 pounds (70.31 Kilo)
Body language: Sebastian has a wiry, nervous excitable energy, so all his gestures and mannerisms reflect that. Efficiency? That depends on what he is doing. Easily distracted.
Personality: fun-loving, affectionate, risk-taking, loud, exuberant, passionate, exhibitionistic, sensuous, romantic, sensitive.

Michael Ebenezer Henrath,
born 1768,
turned 1787, when he was 19
Height: 5ft 5in (165.10 Cent.), 134 pounds (60.78 Kilo)
Body language: Michael has small, compact movements, rather befitting his compact frame. He has a slow, but efficient way of working. Not easily distracted.
Personality: gentle, quiet, responsible, loyal, thoughtful, serious, sensuous, romantic, sensitive.

Gwen Exselsiar Livingston,
born 1958,
turned 2002, when she was 43
Height: 5ft 4in (162.56 Cent.), 146 pounds (66.22 Kilo)
Body language: Gwen has small gestures, but quick and nervous. She is usually efficient.
Personality: strong-willed, quiet, loyal, thoughtful, imaginative, serious, sensuous, romantic, sensitive.

Livia Regina Livingston,
born 1955,
turned 2002, when she was 47
Height: 5ft 8in (172.72 Cent.), 163 pounds (73.94 Kilo)
Body language: Livia has medium gestures, sharp and quick, and usually efficient.
Personality: intense, clever, intelligent, sharp-tongued, passionate, sensuous, romantic, sensitive.

Golden Aurora Smark, (originally Andrew Steven Smark),
born 1985,
turned 2002, when only 17
Height: 5ft 10in (177.80 Cent.), 291 pounds (132.00 Kilo)
Body language: Slow and graceful are Golden's trademarks. Not efficient, but attentive to detail. Not easily distracted.
Personality: gentle, shy, quiet, responsive, perceptive, helpful, thoughtful, sensuous, romantic, sensitive.

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