All Things In Good Time

© Joan Ann Lansberry

The Rightful Order Of Things

Sardok was punctual, at 6:45pm, exactly dusk, he was at the door. He bore a somewhat more cheerful demeanor than before. But as before, he ushered his own self in, without waiting for an invitation.

Michael was so nervous, he could scarcely breathe. He'd heard not one word from Lucius and was quite terrified to have no real plan. He'd tried not to let the others know how beside himself he was. Five wide-eyed vampires met the tall and muscular Sardok. He looked like a professional wrestler, so bulging were those immense muscles. He wore a sleeveless tunic to better exhibit his great arms. It was belted snugly to exhibit his small waist, out from which the muscles fanned.

He scanned everyone in the living room, smiling broadly, for he'd already established his power. ''So, my future friends, have we come to a decision yet?'' His white teeth gleamed menacingly. Sebastian was the first one to reply, and he came up to Sardok, fluttered his eyelids, and stroked Sardok's bulging bicep slowly with one of his long, thin fingers. ''What have you got that's FRIENDLY for me?'' Seb flirted.

The others looked at him aghast. Gwen was most puzzled and thought, ''What the HELL is he doing?'' Her thoughts were pretty much the thoughts of Livia, Golden and Michael as well.

Seb stroked Sardok's arm again, suggestively. This pleased Sardok, and his greedy eyes brightened, ''Well, for YOU, delicate creature, I'm sure I can think of something!'' Sebastian purred, and smiled, bringing his face close to the handsome vampire, ''And what might THAT be?'' He was nearly throwing himself at the man of kingly demeanor.

Golden grew most distraught and thought, ''He no longer favors me?'', as his heart pounded rapidly. Livia was seething, ''That slime ball goes anywhere he thinks he can get out of the sun for free. Maybe our digs aren't fancy enough for him!'' Gwen wondered, ''Is he REALLY that superficial?'' Michael was withholding judgment until he knew more what was going on.

''Surely a sophisicated man like you has tasted the blood of young virgins and knows how sweet it is, have you not?'' Sardok grinned, happy to be gaining a foothold in the skinny young vamp's mind. Seb gushed, ''Oh yes, I have. It is much sweeter than the blood of cows!'' Sardok gloated, ''Why, I might make you one of my personal entourage. My furnishings are most elegant and beautiful, not like this cardboard dwelling which houses you now!'' Sebastian paused to consider, ''I DO like elegant things!''

''The labor I would require of you wouldn't be difficult. Surely you could manage dealing with a few unruly humans. But we have ways of taming them that are quite effective!'' Sardok proposed. A brief look of mild shock passed Sebastian's face, and then it passed. ''What do you DO with the humans?'' he asked innocently. ''Oh, they must be made to be submissive and donate their blood willingly. You'll find it's more fun than farming COWS!''

Sebastian queried, ''You don't KILL them, then, just milk them a little?'' Sardok waved his arm in a flourish, ''NO! We don't KILL them, that would hardly be cost-effective. And they make rather fun pets, actually. No, we don't KILL them!'' And he laughed. Sebastian seemed satisfied, ''As long as you don't kill them . . .'' Sardok spoke glibly, ''Of course, when they become too aged, we drain them dry. But you do that with your cows that are no longer productive. You send them off to meat packing plants, and THEY do the job for you. But you enable this to happen, do you not?'' And he grinned again at Sebastian.

Sebastian didn't fully understand the farming process, but allowed he'd heard something like that. Sardok continued, ''It is only establishing the rightful order of things. We ARE, after all, at the top of the food chain!''

Neither Seb nor the others could argue against being at the top of the food chain. Their unique nature certainly qualified them for that, as opposed to the short-lived and weak humans.

Sebastian laughed in agreement, while the others silently watched, still aghast. ''It doesn't sound that bad, that plan of yours. I AM tired of hiding my true nature to humans. It might be nice to feel 'princely'!'' Sardok's eyes glowed with triumph, ''Then come with me, and enjoy the fruits of a life well lived!'' Sardok put out his massive hand to Sebastian, who took it in his own delicate hand and smiled.

''And what of the rest of you? Have you decided yet? Surely, you will make the wise decision and not oppose me! As you remember, I don't tolerate well those who oppose me!'' Sardok gestured wide to the others.

Gwen, Livia and Golden were speechless. They looked to Michael for guidance, whom they'd hoped had a briefing with Lucius. Michael's mouth dropped agape, and he stuttered as he said, ''I, ugh, WE don't OPPOSE you! Can we PLEASE have another week to decide. Don't incinerate us, please. We mean you no harm! Don't incinerate us!'' Sardok laughed.

Sebastian stroked Sardok's shoulder, ''Please give my friends more time. I'm sure once they think more about your excellent proposal, they will come around. Just be patient!''

This seemed to satisfy the hulking man. Sebastian gave each of his friends a cursory hug, lingering only a tiny bit longer with Golden, as he gave him a quick kiss, before he left with the regal Sardok.

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