All Things In Good Time

© Joan Ann Lansberry

Sardok's Proposal

It was just dusk as Gwen was finishing a load of clothes, ''It's so nice to have our own washer and dryer''. She heard a knock on the door. Was it something about the way it sounded? Chills ran through her. She went to answer it, and opened the door to a very muscular somewhat pale man. Yes, he emitted vampire vibes, but stronger was his nausating air of arrogance.

He demanded to see everyone present, that he had an 'interesting' proposal for them. Michael came into the kitchen, and the man let himself in, although he'd not been invited. ''There are more of you than two! I want to see you all! This 'living room' of yours, that will be a good place to meet!'' And with that, Gwen and Michael followed him into their living room. Michael's eyes were slightly widened. He already could figure out the man's name.

Livia came out from the bedroom, quite curious. Then Sebastian entered, on light feet. ''There's one more of you! Will the coward please show his face!'' It was said as an order, and not as a request. Timidly, Golden approached, eyes twice their normal size, and doing his best not to tremble.

''So THIS is the lot of you? Hurrumph! Such a band! Anyway, when you hear my proposal, you will realize you have no choice but to follow me. Follow me, and you'll have riches untold. Vampires will be elevated to their rightful place as royalty of this world. We're about to finalize plans to fulfill our destiny. We will be invincible. You'll drink the sweetest blood from virgins. You DO know the blood of the young is the finest, do you not? Follow me, and you will prosper as never before. If you should foolishly reject my plan, let's just say I can cremate the lot of you with one thought.

It will be easy. Let's see, we have one puny naive farmboy, two addled and insignificant middle-aged women, one huge jellyfish of fear . . . I bet you piss yourself daily, you pathetic creature. And last but not least, the gigolo of the centuries! How did YOU end up here, Sebastian? Nevermind, I can cremate the lot of you with one thought. You're hardly worth adding to my kingdom, as you are now. But under my guidance you can reclaim your rightful niche in the natural order and become what you are meant to be.

You have only ONE week to decide. I'll be back this same time in seven days to receive your answer.'' He ushered himself out with a flourish. He did not wear a kingly robe, but he wore his cape as if it were one.

After he was gone, Golden could no longer restrain his trembling. How had that evil man known his worst humiliation? He had had terrible bedwetting problems as a child and to throw it in his face was the cruelest thing he could have said.

Michael sat, eyes wide, staring into space, nearly catatonic. ''I should have watched those gangster movies. I might have an idea what to do. Naive farmboy as I am, all I can think to do is call out to Lucius!'' And with that, he sent out a call. It had worked once before. Maybe it would work now.

''It would seem he's sensed our worse fears when he chose his insults,'' Livia said nervously, her worst fear being losing her mind. ''Right you are on that,'' Gwen agreed, whose entire life dream consisted of hopes of being 'significant'. ''Sardok's certainly convinced of his 'significance' in the scheme of things,'' she though ruefully.

Sebastian felt rather subdued, as well. He hated to think of himself as nothing more than a gigolo, living off of rich women. He liked to think they got something out of their relationships, too. He felt dirty, and looked at his skin. He hadn't had a bath yet, ''I need a bath, BAD!'' And he started off in the direction of the bathroom, but before he got there, the doorbell rang.

''Maybe it's Lucius,'' Michael hoped. He had not one clue of what to do. When he opened the kitchen door to find a tall, slender broad-shouldered but bald man there, he was relieved. ''Thank God you're here! We have bad trouble!'' And he ushered him into the living room, where everyone else but Seb still waited, and Sebastian crept back in.

To their surprise, Lucius knew who had been there. ''I should have dispatched him four millenia ago! I knew, when we were both yet mortal, that his lust for power was immense. But I hesitated, fearing to make such a judgment on one so near to me. And ever since, the world has been paying for it.

At first, his deeds were small. But as he's grown in power over the centuries, he's left a broader swath of devastation. The elders would have ridded the world of him a long time ago, but he's developed special means of cloaking himself against our mind reading abilities. His lair is always covered in lead, and that makes him unreadable. We do not know where he resides.''

''Maybe we can wait until he makes a public appearance,'' Gwen suggested. ''But he rarely does, and the few times are swift and spontaneous,'' Lucius lamented. ''The only thing I can do is call for a meeting of the Elders and get back to you. Perhaps our collective minds will come up with something.''

Lucius looked for a moment at Sebastian, who returned the look in earnest. Lucius nodded slightly to him. Michael, who felt very itchy, demanded, ''So all we can do until then is wait for your next visit?''

''Yes, it shouldn't be long. He did give you a week. I will be continually in psychic contact as well. Be strong, dear followers of the true and good path. We will bring the evil Sardok down.''

With that, he left, with very athletic movements, making great strides. 'Great strides' are what they all hoped for.

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