All Things In Good Time

© Joan Ann Lansberry


Sebastian sobbed until he was sick to his stomach. He lay on the bed, certain his life was over. He'd never felt so low in his life. And he was scared, too. Some parts of the curse held difficulty for all aspects of his life, even should he try to reform his ways and become other than a lascivious romantic. But he didn't want to. There had to be some way he could continue as he'd always had.

Come next sunset, he would seek out a woman experienced in such matters, that is, the type of woman who men pay for such experience. She could give him advice. But it was a long way until that sunset, for dawn was just breaking in the eastern sky.

He found a pillow that was dry, and tried to sleep. At least his sunburn was healed now.

Sebastian woke just before the arrival of sunset. He freshened up and made himself look presentable, and not like he'd been crying for hours. He had an idea where such a woman of experience might be found, and headed to that part of town. It, unfortunately, was peopled with quite a few ruffians and other lowlifes of ill repute.

One burly, red faced man took a glad eye to Sebastian. ''What's a pale, thin thing like YOU doing here!'' He gave Sebastian a shove. ''I don't want to fight,'' Sebastian said, as calmly as possible.

''Well, yeah, what if I do?'' And burly man shoved Sebastian again, much harder than before. ''I said I don't want to fight,'' Sebastian said, in a voice much too high and squeaky. ''That's too bad, pretty boy, 'cause I do!'' Burly man shoved a fist into Sebastian's face. ''Not the FACE, damn you!'' Sebastian was mad, now, and put both of his fists together and swung them at the burly man's face in retaliation.

His blow sent the man flying ten feet away. His weighty body landed with a loud thud. Sebastian walked over to him and kicked him. ''You asked for this, you hideous slob.'' One more kick, hard to his balls, ''You asked for this!''

The man's body did not respond. Sebastian would have expected a scream of pain. But there was nothing. ''Oh, my God, I've KILLED him!'' Sebastian kneeled close, and concluded that again. He was stunned at the strength he did not know he possessed. He was certain he'd not been strong before. A life of nothing but laying about with women does not give one muscles. But he'd sent this man flying! ''Well, I may be a eunuch, but I am not weak like one, oh no!'' And for the first time since he was cursed, he smiled.

Then he sniffed at the body and thought some more. ''It's full of blood. I drink blood. It's a shame to waste good blood.'' And, grateful the fight had taken place in the shadows, he bent down and drank. To his surprise, the man's heart was still pumping. ''It won't be when I'm through with him!''

The warm rush came over him when at last he'd drained the body. He did not understand the changes had come over him because his body now had a different biological imperative than it used to. His blood was rewarding him for getting what it wanted. Still glowing from his happy mellow, he thought, ''I do not know what kind of creature I am, but it is not all bad.'' He smiled again, as he looked in the burly man's pockets, for he found a few gold guineas in one of them. He'd not have to worry about money for awhile, and he smiled once more.

After he hid the body as best he could, he went about looking for the lady of 'experience'. He soon found such a one, an older woman, somewhat plump with hair beginning to turn gray, who was most happy to meet him. She looked at him with greedy eyes and they went to her lair.

Sebastian shyly explained that he needed to learn love making practices that would satisfy a woman but not make her pregnant, as he hoped to avoid this. The woman smiled, and happily used herself as a teaching tool. ''Your whole body is a sex organ!'' she began. Sebastian was most happy to learn this.

Never was a student so receptive. She declared him quite skilled, and said if he ever wanted to return, she wouldn't charge him. He laughed as he handed her the payment.

For the first time since the black haired pale mysterious lady had left him, he felt happy. Life could possibly just continue for him.

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