All Things In Good Time

© Joan Ann Lansberry

Queer Folk

Gwen was satisfied that her job could continue as before. In some ways, with her new skills, it was better, which was surprising. But what of their social life? Could she and Michael mingle with humans, as if they were like them?

In the past, she'd mostly shied away from late night gatherings, due to tiring early. Could she and Michael try? She'd been bold so far, and resolved to try further boldness. Michael was shy about it all, and she reassured him the gatherings were for queer people of all ilk.

Only under her wing, would he venture out. It was unusual for shy Gwen to be the leader, thusly, as she'd always leaned on someone else in new situations. However, Michael vanished once they'd arrived at the bar. Gwen got involved in various conversations, keeping abreast of three separate conversations at once, and left Michael to his own devices.

He spent the time wandering around the bar, observing people and things from a safe distance. It wasn't long before he was noticed. A tall blond haired man, with a curious resemblence to the vampire movie character 'Lestat' in Queen Of The Damned, walked by him and SWATTED him on the butt. The sheer unexpected violence of it shocked Michael, ''What was THAT for?'' Human 'Lestat' simply replied, ''You have a cute butt!'' Michael was not flattered, though. ''Oh, relax! No one's watching.'' 'Lestat' cheerfully admonished.

''You'd be so cute for a roll in the hay!'' 'Lestat' continued. ''Huh?'' His cheeks, which were stubborn to blushing, flushed crimson nonetheless, as he realized the sort of interests this man had. ''I can chase you down. You're small and have short legs,'' 'Lestat' laughingly teased. ''I'm, I'm faster than you think,'' Michael stammered. ''Oh, this man shares more than just the fictional Lestat's appearance,'' Michael thought with a small bit of panic. ''Tell me, pale one, why do you come to a gathering of queer folk if you're not wanting same sex attraction?'' 'Lestat' grinned with a wide smile.

Michael's eyes bulged, ''My WIFE brought me here! Ask HER! She said we'd belong here!'' 'Lestat' continued his pleasure, ''Maybe she wanted to modernize you. You seem so old-fashioned!'' Michael quizzed 'Lestat', ''When did 'queer' suddenly mean only ONE kind of odd?'' 'Lestat', having great amusement, laughed and declared, ''Man, you must be from the 18th century!'' Taking mild umbrage, but mostly flustered, Michael retorted, ''And what was wrong with the 18th century?''

'Lestat' laughed at Michael's consternation, and advised, ''Take it easy, man, take it easy!''

''Where is Gwen? I must find her!'' Michael thought, as he ran off in search of her. The rest of the night, he did not leave her side, and he swore his backside still stung. But that, of course, had to be purely psychological.

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