All Things In Good Time

© Joan Ann Lansberry


Once everyone got to the farm, Seb decided he'd do more than be a 'gopher'. The electricity and water had been finally turned on, so today was 'scrub the walls' and 'vacuum the floor' day. Sebastian didn't want to dirty his only shirt, lovely blood-colored silk as it was, so he shed it, baring his nearly white chest. This made Goldie swoon with delight, and only made Sebastian happier.

Seb got a pail, filled it with soap and water and got a rag, and started in, like the others were doing. He was fascinated as the wall lost its grayish brown grime. He marvelled that this was the very first time in 270 years his 'lily white hands' were being used for labor, and smiled at himself. He felt surprisingly good.

With all five of them giving the house its cleaning, it didn't take long at all. Tomorrow, they would get the moving van and move their belongings to the new house. They were all in a buzz of excitement, nearly deliriously so.

All that vampire energy seemed to bounce back on the various sources, echoing over and over. Delirious, indeed, for they'd never been in such collective high spirits. They were thirsty after their labors, and stopped at a convenience store near their new house. Sebastian took the twenty dollar bill Michael handed him and went in. The sleepy night clerk was surprised to see such an amazing pale apparition, and declared, ''A nearly naked vampire! What a night this has been!'' Sebastian laughed, for he loved the attention, and then grabbed five tall bottles of water out of the cooler. He reassured the clerk, ''We are thirsty. We do, after all, need water as well as blood. But relax! We are only thirsty for water!'' He smiled mischieviously at the youngish brown haired man behind the counter.

Mr Night Clerk, who wore a label identifying him as 'Joe', didn't know whether the half naked pale beauty before him was joking or not. Working the night shift, he'd seen a lot of weirdos, even out in the rural parts of town. ''Which is worse, the loitering mumbling lunatics, the punks who run out with cases of beer, or vampires?'' They all made him nervous. He was glad when Sebastian left. He did watch him join his equally pale friends in the car, and gulped, ''Lots of 'em! Brrr!'' He looked at his watch, and thought, ''Only two more hours left until I can go home!'' His feet already hurt awful bad, and he knew he should have finished high school. He vowed he'd get his GED, after all.

Once back at the small apartment, everyone found their mania settling down into exhaustion. They made early bed plans. Sebastian discovered his good black wool pants were soiled, to his disappointment, and wailed to all, ''My only good pair of pants! My only pants! Does anyone have a 32, 34?'' No, no 32in waist, 34in inseam pants were anywhere. ''But I've got some elastic waist shorts I can lend you!'' Livia brightly offered. As she handed him two pairs of navy knit shorts, she comforted him, ''The butts shouldn't be TOO hideously baggy!'' Sebastian took them graciously, and kissed Livia's hand which offered them. ''More of my wicked paleness to show on moving day!'' he laughed.

Golden laughed, as he enjoyed looking at Sebastian's completely naked body. But neither of them had much energy for romping. After they piled into bed, and got cuddly and comfy, Sebastian was surprised at how rapidly sleep came.

When he awoke ten hours later, he felt very refreshed, and eager to start the 'day'. He slipped one of the thin blue nylon shorts on, and looked at his reflection in the mirror. He smiled back at himself. Michael, who'd been awake an hour before, looked at him and commented, ''If you wear underpants, you won't show so much!'' Sebastian looked down at himself, and noted the rather visible bulge, ''Thank you for the advice. I'll be sure to avoid 'underpants'!'' And he smiled at Michael, with a delicious lasciviousness.

Michael's gray eyes widened in horror, and his mouth dropped. He was the man Gwen could not get to even wear a short sleeved shirt, pleated knee-length walking shorts, or so much as a red shirt, preferring the severity of white shirts and black pants. Sebastian answered Michael's horror, ''All I have now is 'show', though I do fondly remember my seven years of pleasure, in which it existed for more than 'show'. So I shall proudly 'show'!'' He then picked up a hair brush and began brushing his nearly waist length red hair, bending over from the waist even, to ensure its maximum fullness. How Sebastian loved any kind of 'show'.

Golden said nothing, but quietly watched Sebastian, smiling, with dreamy, happy wide eyes.

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