All Things In Good Time

© Joan Ann Lansberry

''Under Sardok's Control''

Sebastian slept fitfully. The horror of watching the beautiful woman ablaze repeated itself in his nightmares. He hadn't even learned her name. She couldn't have been more than twenty five. It was so hard to tell with humans, they aged so rapidly. But she wasn't human. Still, having never acquired the vampiric hardness and the steely will which come soon after the gift, she possessed all of the human frailities and more. After the thwarting of her dream, of her life as she had wanted it to be, the poor woman was too fragile to adapt and gain a different dream. He mourned her quietly, in between spotty sleep.

The next he knew, he was being awakened from sleep by a demanding Sardok. Seb was so weary, he felt as if he were still dreaming when Sardok commanded him to undress. He undid his silk shirt buttons as rapidly as he could, and slipped out of it, and then eased out of his pants. He tossed them off to the side, and Sardok forced him on his stomach. It was so unreal, it had to be a dream.

The next he knew, his small, but soft posterior was being whacked, whacked with all the speed and force only a strong being like a vampire could do. With the rapid repetition, he found his backside growing burningly sore. A part of him enjoyed it. It was frightening, but it was alluring at the same time. Sardok kept this up until Sebastian surrendered under it, a small scared thing under him.

Then began a forceful insertion. Seb had just enough wherewithal to think, ''How is that possible?'' Then he sniffed and smelled rubber, ''Oh, artificial help, but it feels not artificial!'' Sardok's endurance was great. Seb was completely mesmerized, completely under Sardok's control. He found himself enjoying it, even though it was frightening. It was thrilling, too.

The pulsating thrusts continued far longer than a mortal man could have done. A mortal would have been spent relatively early on. Thus, Seb found himself growing raw inside. It hurt, but this added to the mesmerizing control Sardok had over him. Finally, the pain was so intense, Seb begged, ''I surrender, really, I surrender!''

Sardok wasn't listening. Seb was nearly to tears when at last Sardok's motion ceased. He found a thorny rose being pressed between his lips, and the thorns of it made his lips bleed. Sardok wasn't finished. He had another tool, a long whip, with which Sebastian was to know its stings. When his back burned completely with stinging, which took a long time owing to the durability of the vampiric skin, Sardok was at last exhausted, and fell beside Seb.

While spitting the rose out, a vision came to Sebastian. He knew how the captive humans met their end when Sardok decided they were were no longer young enough. Humans could not withstand the treatment he'd just received. But he passed no judgment on this vision. He merely recorded it in his memory.

He found himself strangely hungrier than he ever could remember being. His blood bits now had a great deal of repair work to do on him, and thus they needed more than the usual amount of sustainance.

But he had to wait until the sleeping Sardok woke up. He tried to sleep, but felt a discontented itching deep within him. ''Hungry, hungry blood . . ,'' Seb thought, miserably.

Finally Sardok woke up, and Seb made his plea, ''I am HUNGRY! How might I take care of this?'' Sardok, after his exertions, was hungry too. ''I promised you a virgin. I'll give you the poor scared one. I don't know if this sorry human will adapt. They ARE such disgustingly fragile things!'' Then they, after dressing, proceeded on a labyrinthine path that led upwards. Seb tried to take mental notes on it, but found himself too distracted by hunger.

At last, he was in a small black room, ''Doesn't this man know ANY other decorating scheme?'', and a small mortal was being shoved towards him. Yes, the young blonde girl did look frightened. ''What is your name,'' Sebastian began. A tiny, thin whisper answered, ''Celine . . . You don't seem like the rest of them. You seem almost . . . angelic . . .'' Seb laughed, ''I don't know as I'm all that angelic.'' But he did tenderly stroke her back and held her while she trembled. ''How had Sardok seduced her? Why is she here? She is no rebellious teen looking for adventure!'' But he didn't ask any questions, he just stroked and soothed her.

She responded with a copious amount of tears. Seb just held her while she cried, ''You're so nice. Everyone here is mean and cruel. You're so nice. I should have never ran away from home. My mama's missing me. I shouldn't have done it. But we had an argument and I took flight. Then I was all alone and scared, and there was Sardok. I went with him because I didn't know what else to do at the time. I want to go home!'' She sobbed.

Seb just held her and stroked her back while she cried. Finally, after she was spent of crying, he told her, ''You hang in there, okay. You hang in there. Now I apologize for what I must do, but I have no other choice. I am hungry!'' He took her arm, at the tender inner elbow and bit down. Fear was in the taste of her blood. He stroked her while he sucked. She was compliant and did not fight his demanding mouth.

When he took as much as he'd dared, for he didn't want to weaken her too greatly, he continued to hold her until her heart slowed its pounding. In his arms, she relaxed and gained a small bit of confidence. ''You hang in there,'' Sebastian reminded her. She smiled weakly.

Sebastian didn't know what to do next. He was still hungry. To his surprise, Sardok was standing, observing them. Sebastian looked to him and announced, ''What next? I am still hungry!'' Sardok sneered and declared, ''Now you will get the ones who are NOT virgins,'' and he laughed wickedly. He dismissed Celine with a sharp slap to her rear, pushing her to the door through which she was to exit.

''That pathetic creature, I don't know why I took her. She is all but useless. If she continues in her pathetic way, I shall have to . . .'' Seb interrupted before he could finish, ''No! Give her a chance. She is a sweet thing. Give her a chance!'' Sardok scowled at him, ''Don't tell me you're soft on the sorry thing! She's just a sorry human, why do you care?''

Sebastian kept a lid on his emotions, he did not voice his thoughts, ''Because we were both once human, ourselves!'' But he was certain Sardok heard anyway. In an abrupt change of subject, he demanded, ''Bring on the ones who 'aren't virgins'! I'm hungry!''

Sardok smiled, and declared, ''Good boy! You shall find a plentiful supply!'' And he went to yet another door in this room, and from it emerged a vacant eyed brown haired woman. She looked at him listlessly, and then after that, she aroused to some curiousity, studying him further. ''What's your name?'' Sebastian asked. ''Amy, but why do you ask? No one ever asks. For what they want, blood or sex, they never ask. They just take.''

Sebastian endeavored to keep his worldly composure, ''I am a man of some refinement, and I like a few niceties. MY name, by the way, is Sebastian.'' He stroked her cheek, hoping to see a smile. But she was too deadened. She looked as though she'd been emptied of more than blood. Her SPIRIT had been drained, and she was a lifeless doll. Seb stroked her gently, as he apologized, ''I am sorry for what I must do, but I am hungry!'' And after that, he held her gently as he bit into her neck. It was a rather scarred neck, having been bit often, but it yielded its fruit just the same.

Her blood tasted flat, 'off', as lifeless as she herself appeared. He could not stroke her into any vivaciousness. So he took all he dared, and then asked what was the next step. ''Oh, I go back into the lobby and send another girl in,'' Amy said, woodenly. ''Would you please do that, honey,'' Seb gently begged. ''Of course,'' And she made her exit.

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