A Vampire Tale

© Joan Ann Lansberry

Preserved For The Ages

Settling into the sofa, Sebastian covered himself with the blanket. He'd slept in lots of unusual places in his life, so he shouldn't be feeling the odd sort of, it wasn't uneasiness, maybe it was NEWNESS. He'd never slept in a house of vampires before.

He laughed to himself, what was he afraid of? Still, he didn't want to piss off a community of equals, being near equal strength. And he was getting tired of pissing people off. It wasn't fun anymore.

So he squirmed and tried to get comfortable. The sofa was full of 'people smells', or to be more accurate, HUMAN smells. Were these the odors of those vamps before they were made? He knew Michael's fledglings were very young, especially the cute, shy one with the blonde hair.

He imagined how nice it would to cuddle with such an angel. But that was Michael's privilege, and Michael likely wouldn't want to share. At least not right away. He'd keep his hopes up just in case.

Sebastian's long lifetime had been spent romancing pretty young things of either gender. It ended up mostly women, but he was open minded. He was only fifteen when he'd pissed his father off about something and went wandering. It was always easy to find a warm bed with a woman, and pleasure easy and delightful.

Then something always happened to spoil things. The woman would show him her rounded belly and start yelling at him. She wanted him to go get a job and marry her. He didn't want to go get a job, at least not yet. And more screaming would ensue. And the lady, who had been so sweet and undemanding, happy for only his loving attention, was no longer. When the pots flew, he fled.

Onto the next town, where a variant of that story happened again. He never understood why they all changed personality so drastically. Didn't they know they were females and this could happen to them? Always, they wanted MONEY. Always, he left, sometimes to a torrent of screams of the whole family. ''You've ruined our daughter's life. You wastrel, you cad! Get your abominable hide out of town!''

And he was on the run again. Six times this happened. He had lasted a little longer with the latest lady. He did love her, and would have stayed with her forever, and loved their child, too. But she wanted him to go get a job. Why couldn't they have continued to stay in her sister's attic? No, she wanted a house of her own. Sebastian just didn't understand what difference it made. As he left with a heavy heart, he thought, ''She will still be in her sister's attic, only without me. I do not understand women. If they cannot have ALL they want, they would rather take nothing!''

And so he rode despairingly into the next town on his faithful horse, which had served him all these vagabond years. He parked the horse near the inn, and went in to drink wine until he was numb. He was into the second glass, when a mysterious woman with black hair and the palest skin saw him and sat down next to him. ''She looks to be a sophisticated sort. Maybe my adventure with her will be different,'' he thought, as he took another swallow of the sweet throat warming liquid.

She spent some time in silence, as she just sat by him. Sebastian swore she was absorbing information about him as he merely perched there on the stool. He felt the fine hairs on the nape of his neck rise, and his nipples harden. It was almost pleasant. He blushed. The woman said to him in a silky well modulated alto, ''I'd blush, if I were you, too!''

She drew her face close to his neck, and blew a soft breeze, which further set those fine hairs aquiver. ''All those poor young innocent women whose lives you've ruined! What do you have to say for yourself?'' Sebastian just looked at her in wide eyed horror, ''I didn't want for it to always happen that way!'' Mysterious lady put her cool hand on Sebastian's shoulder, and cooed, ''Oh really? And you were SO helpless?''

He stuttered, ''I don't, I don't know what you mean?'' as he took another swallow of the throat warming wine. ''You don't? Hm-m-m-m-m, perhaps you SOON shall!'' After that, Sebastian felt very dizzy. He was certain it wasn't just the wine. She led him captive to her room at the inn. He followed mutely, like a puppy dog, and with about as much cogitation.

She proceeded quite aggressively, thrusting her full pale breasts in his face as she pushed him down into the bed. This most definitely was not the way things had usually progressed for him with a woman. She teased him into readiness and then things became more familiar for him as he mounted her. He was quite rapt with this exotic woman. After the sweet rush of pleasure's ecstacy, he laid down to sleep in reverie.

Mysterious lady, for she wouldn't even give him her name, fastened her face to his neck. He was so tired, he had no thought of resisting her greedy mouth. Sebastian found himself growing more weary, until he was quite faint. He felt nearly drifted away, and could barely hear her pondering, ''Drain him, or turn him? Hmm-m-m-m-m, either way, he won't make young girls pregnant anymore . . .'' He wasn't sure what she meant. He used all of his dim consciousness to remember the words so that he might understand them later.

Mysterious lady reached to his long red hair and played with it, with cool fingertips. ''Such beautiful hair you have,'' she said as she toyed with it, pondering her decision. She kept toying with it. ''Such a NOSE you have, that huge thing is laughable!'' She took one of her long icy fingers and stroked down it to its hooked tip, while she giggled, quite amused.

''Drain or turn? Drain or turn?'' she pondered playfully. And then she smiled, as she reached a decision, ''This incredible face should really be preserved for the ages!'' And she laughed some more. ''You're lucky!'' And then she laughed some more, this time with an acid bitterness, ''Maybe NOT so lucky! Hah! But you'll sire and abandon no more babies!''

She then refastened her mouth to Sebastian's neck and continued the work of draining she'd begun earlier. He was not capable of resisting and he gradually fell completely unconscious. When he was aware enough again to open his burning eyes, he puzzled that she was still attached to him so firmly. His whole body burned as if flames were passing through each cell of his body.

Surely he was being punished for his misdeeds. The mysterious woman was working a curse upon him. ''I burn, woman, I burn!'' She answered him, raising her lips from his neck long enough to answer, as her eyes glowed wildly, ''Be glad you don't burn in HELL!'' Sebastian pleaded, ''Oh please, woman, have mercy! Maybe I don't deserve it, but give it to me anyway, please!''

She slapped him, as she fastened tight to him. ''Such a woman! I am well repaid, indeed!'' She slapped him again, and he was careful to think no more such thoughts.

The light of the nearby oil lamp grew wild with brilliance. Every shadow seemed alive around him. Sounds grew loud, it was a jungle of sound. And smells, he could smell that disgusting sausage that was being cooked in the inn's kitchen down below. ''What has she done to me?''

She laughed, as she released his neck for a while, and curled up next to him and fell asleep with her head on his shoulder. Sebastian was frozen. He was afraid to think anything. He tried to relax, but it was not possible.

He must have drifted off despite his difficulties, for he awoke to find the mysterious lady again fastened to his neck. He did his very best to think no thoughts about it. She patted his breast this time, almost sweetly, but then she pulled his nipple. ''Ouch!'' The terrible burning seemed to be easing and he relaxed a bit. Whatever she had cursed him with, he was not dead.

Things could be worse. Finally she was finished with his neck, but the harsh lamp illumination still continued. ''Oh, you want that lamp turned off?'' she queried, while purring with satisfaction. She reached to it with her luminescent white hand and turned the lever which extinquished it. ''We'll nap for a while and then we'll feed!''

With that, she forcibly rolled him over to the other side of the bed, and swatted his rump. Sebastian just groaned softly. Sleep took him rapidly now, and he slept very deeply. He woke to the mysterious lady's nudging, ''Time to go hunt, now!''

He followed her mutely. ''You ARE so much more amenable to instruction now, aren't you?'' she both laughed and purred at the same time. I shall lead us to a nice SHEEP farm. ''Sheep! I've heard of the bizarre things men do with sheep! I'll not be made to . . .'' The rest was too horrible to even think. His terror was interrupted with shrieks of laughter, ''You silly, silly boy! You aren't going to FUCK them, you're going to SUCK them!'' and she continued to laugh hysterically.

Sebastian was not relieved, not one little bit. But they soon arrived at the sheep farm, on his horse, and she gestured for him to enter the gate. Sebastian trembled with terror, as he did so. He would not argue with this formidable lady, he wouldn't.

She held a sheep for him, and pointed to its neck with her free hand. ''You want me to do WHAT?'' Laughing at him, she said enunciating very clearly, ''Sink your teeth into it and DRINK!'' Sebastian found the task easier than he'd imagined. The warm liquid was rather surprisingly tasty, and he was just getting used to it, when he heard her screechy voice, ''That's enough from THAT sheep! Move to the next sheep!''

He released the first sheep and found another. This process continued, sheep after sheep, until he felt increasing warmth. He found himself happily trembly inside, with a lust that begged for more blood. He gave into it, and kept drinking until a wash of satisfaction rolled over him in delicious ecstatic waves. He felt his cheeks blush. ''It's like sex,'' he muttered in amazement.

The mysterious lady just laughed, as she then told him firmly, ''You have just enough time to hurry back to the inn. See that you don't dawdle. The sun can be quite fierce, you'll find!'' And then she slapped him on his butt, pushing him in the direction he should go.

He turned around to tell her goodbye, but she AND HIS horse were out of his sight, as quickly as that.

Sebastian would soon discover more surprises awaited him. But for now, he had a long way to walk, on foot, without his horse. How he missed that horse!

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