All Things In Good Time

© Joan Ann Lansberry


Yes indeed, it was a long way to walk to the inn without his lovely horse. ''Damn that woman!'' The sky began to grow ominously bright in the distant horizon. Sebastian wondered what the Mysterious Lady meant by 'fierce'. However, with each step he took, he was closer to knowing. Just before reaching the sidewalk which led to the inn, full dawn had occurred, and he could feel his skin burning rapidly, as if he'd been out in the sun for a couple of hours. With his red hair, Sebastian had always been a little more sensitive to the sun than most people.

''But THIS is ridiculous!'' he thought as he ran to the inn's door and tucked himself safely inside. All parts of his skin that had been touched by the sun felt hot, as if they were still burning. Perhaps some cool water would help his greatly reddened skin. ''Some curse! Why did that witch think THIS was necessary? Did she think I should not show my face during the light of day? Have I REALLY been that bad?''

Somehow he knew those poor women he'd left in distress would think so. He made sure the curtains of his inn room were sealed shut against the sun. He then carefully took his clothes off and observed his burnt skin in the room's mirror. He dabbed water onto his face with a towel, but the contact with the towel made his face wince.

So he just laid down on the bed and bemoaned his fate until sleep overtook him.

Wild dreams tormented him, as he tossed in his sleep, unable to be really comfortable. In any position, some part of sunburnt skin would be hurt by whatever touched it. Would he know purification? Would he, if given a chance to go back in time to sweet Ursula, still in her sister's attic, would he find a job so they could have a house of their own? Maybe the sun had not burnt him enough!

Soon it was twilight, and he woke up, shivering. Examining the mirror again, the burn had healed some, but he still bore some redness. It was time to think about dinner again. ''Does it have to be blood? What was the reason for this part of the curse? To remind me I am nothing but a bloodsucking leech who takes and never gives? Everything is such a character judgment!''

But he knew it would have to be blood. He was grateful he could drink water and finished that which he'd originally gotten to cool his skin, then got dressed for 'dinner'. He drank some more water and left the inn. Would the sheep need to rest after his siege upon them? He'd been quite thirsty. Where else could he go?

He sniffed about and swore he could smell cows in the distance. His long walk was rewarded with sight of a dairy farm. Lots of black and white spotted cows waited peacefully in their fenced in areas. He, as he was shown the night before, took a little from each until the sweet rush of satisfaction came.

''Now where do I go? I feel so lonely. I miss Ursula, but she will not have me. What do I do with myself?'' He wandered back to town, walking almost aimlessly. He reached the inn, and thought how in the past, he'd have a nice glass of wine. ''But that wouldn't have the same effect, even assuming I COULD drink it!''

Poor Sebastian was not happy, at all. He went into the inn's tavern, just to sit morosely at a booth. An attractive bar maid caught his eye, and he smiled back. She brought him water to drink and he waited until her work day was done, when she went with him to his room. He was glad, for he badly needed some comfort.

She was a cute brown haired girl, with round cheeks and a full, plump bosom. Her smells were intoxicating, ravishing. Why had he not noticed before? She was a cornucopia of fragrance, and he grew heady with delight, kissing her here and there. He was in a delicious swoon of sensuality and good comfort it was. She was not a naive and unexperienced peasant girl, though, and she reached to Sebastian's nether region to wake it up.

He giggled at her boldness, and resuming kissing her all over, her face, neck, shoulders. She grabbed again at the nether region, which felt pleasant, but nothing was happening there. In the past, oh, he'd be so ready and, well, she'd have been mounted long ago. But nothing was happening there. It felt good to be petted, but it had not the acute sensitivity it used to possess.

He tried to stall by resuming kissing, but this girl wanted her lay, and she wasn't taking no for an answer. She stroked him again, but it was useless. ''That damned witch! I am a fucking EUNUCH, for Chris' sake! All the parts are still there, but they do nothing!'' he screamed silently to himself, while he tried to think of an excuse to tell the comely young lady.

''I - I - I don't feel so good. I think I'm coming down with a cold. Maybe it's the flu!'' Sebastian helplessly stuttered. ''That's odd, your forehead doesn't feel hot!'' Gina laughed, assessing the situation. ''Maybe it's a kind of flu that doesn't give you a fever!'' Sebastian weakly offered.

''Am I not beautiful enough? No doubt a worldly man like you has met many beautiful women!'' Gina queried, growing insecure. ''NO! It's not YOU! It's not! It's me, there's something wrong with me!'' Sebastian declared while he stroked her hair. ''I'm sorry, but can we just cuddle?''

The experienced barmaid would not be satisfied with that. She got dressed and left, feeling very dejected and rejected.

Sebastian thought his heart would break. ''Oh, how could that witch have been so cruel? She has ruined me, utterly ruined me! I'm not good for ANYthing!''

Of course, the fact that he'd done little else during the past seven years did not occur to him. It was all he'd cared to do. It was what he lived for. And now he could no longer do it. How he wished he could drink. He would get so drunk now if he could. But he couldn't, and he swore he heard the mysterious woman's laughter again.

''Cursed! Completely and horribly and miserably CURSED!'' he sobbed out loud into his pillow. He sobbed without cease, until the pillow was soaked. And then he turned it over and soaked the other side. Then he grabbed another pillow and soaked it.

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