All Things In Good Time

© Joan Ann Lansberry


By the time Lucius had taken Sebastian home, it was again dusk. He had not slept, and he was so very sleepy. He had not fed, and he was so very hungry. He knew his new family would not forgive him if he begged off his duties for a third night. So he corralled a cow into a stall, got a canister, and readied the stool. ''But I'm SO hungry. I've got to have a drink first.'' He drew great draughts of the wondrous liquid into him. ''Ah-h-h-h-h! That's better!'' A few more sips, and he withdrew from the cow. ''I'm so sleepy, I'll just rest here in the hay beside the cow for a bit. Just a little sleep. Then I'll milk her. I'm so tired.''

Seb fell deep asleep. It wasn't until the end of work shift cow count that he was discovered. A cow was missing from the fenced in areas. When he returned to the milking parlour, there the cow was. Looking over the gate, he saw a scrawny red haired figure curled up in the hay. ''Sebastian, Sebastian, Sebastian!'' Michael called out to him, but he did not awaken, despite his sensitive hearing.

Finally Golden came looking for him. He'd slept alone the day before, and he was not happy about it. When he looked over the gate, he wailed loudly, ''Oh, SEBBY!'' He went inside, and pulled on the long strands of red hair. ''Wake up, you doofus! I'm not sleeping alone again! Wake up!'' He yanked so hard, Seb was pulled upright. ''Ow! Ow! What was that f- . . . Oh! I'm sorry! What time is it? I only meant to nap a short while . . .'' Seb apologized.

''It's almost morning, you doofus! Are you gonna shake the straw off and come to bed?'' Golden scolded. ''Yes, yes, I will. I'm sorry!'' Sebastian sounded pitiful.

Just then Gwen and Livia came over and inspected. ''Should have figured,'' Livia sneered. Gwen, too, admonished the straw covered skinny man, ''You're cute, you're sexy. But that won't get you excused forever!'' This energized him and he bounded up, and walked over to Gwen. He took her hand, and beamed, ''I'm cute? I'm sexy? I love you!'' And he kissed her hand.

''Always the charmer,'' Gwen giggled.

Livia swatted Seb's butt hard as he and Golden passed by. ''Oooh! You'll get me excited!'' Seb joked. ''Arrggghh! YOU!'' Livia retorted. He was maddening.

Once ensconced in Golden's bedroom, Seb gestured to Golden by putting his finger to his lips in the gesture that means ''Shh-h-h-h!'' He then stroked Golden all over and kissed him, preparing him for another blood deposit. When secure contact was established, Golden was surprised at the beautiful images being transported to him. But he dutifully said nothing. Still he was mystified. He was also amazed at the surge of strength he felt. It was wonderful. Even as a vampire, he'd felt frustratingly fragile. Yes, that could be explained by a shortage of blood in his vast circulatory system. But he was feeling more than ordinary empowerment, he was positive.

''Not a word! Don't even THINK of it!'' Goldie heard Seb admonish him in his mind. Goldie answered back in the same telepathic fashion, ''I'll try not to. Hey, I can do this, too!'' Sebby, now finished with the deposit, kissed Golden's silent lips tenderly and slowly. He fell asleep soon after, and so did Golden.

The rest of the week returned to as normal as possible for five vampires waiting for the potentially fatal return of Sardok. Everyone's nerves on edge, they snapped at each other frequently, and quickly apologized afterwards. Golden, in contrast to his usual behavior, was the least nervous. The 'continent of Golden' was content, having ample 'troops', and he was quietly hopeful, though still plenty nervous.

Michael was getting especially perturbed that he hadn't heard from Lucius, and it was the morning of the day Sardok was to arrive. None of them slept well. Sebastian slept the least well of all. He dare not even give thought to his many worries.

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