All Things In Good Time

© Joan Ann Lansberry

Not Enough

Gwen and Michael headed to the small bedroom with a door. Livia took her pillows and dragged a blanket to the sofa, and the remaining two went for the other bed. They spent a while just holding each other and gazing into each other's eyes, absorbing the reality of the other person. Sebby's green eyes were jewel-like, and glowed as though lit from behind.

He was fascinated with the deep blue of Golden's eyes. They didn't seem as intense as the other vampires' eyes, and he wondered why this was so. He then stroked Golden's cheek with the gentlest of precision, and marvelled. Although it was definitely vampire skin, his cheek was so soft, not at all possessing the wooden quality of Michael's cheek. He commented on this, with great wonder, ''I love the way your cheeks feel, they're so soft and puffy.''

Goldie laughed at this, and explained, ''They're puffy, because I'm fat!'' With that, he slipped his gray shirt over his head, and eased his gray sweatpants off. ''See my large waist, my puffy belly! I'm fat!'' Sebby stroked Goldie's tummy with his hand at first, and then laid his head on top of Goldie's soft tummy. ''Yes, it's so soft, like resting on a gentle cloud!'' Golden was pleased, for Sebby seemed to really enjoy his body.

''Have you, in all your experience, not been with a fat person before?'' Sebastian tried to answer in a way that wouldn't offend. He didn't want to say 'not as fat as you', and besides, the soft flesh was so much cuddly fun. ''We got on a scale once while out shopping, and I'm more than double Michael's weight! I'm 291 pounds, and he's only 134!''

Sebby, sniffing about and kissing him here and there, stroked Golden's breast, and said laughing, ''Michael's a tiny thing, ain't he! One of my lovers had a doctor's scale in their house. It is always the same, 154 just before feeding, and 156 pounds after feeding. I marvel at our bodies ability to maintain ourselves so exactly to the day of our turning.''

Golden agreed, ''I thought six months already of the blood and water diet, and I would have lost weight! No more banana cream pies for me! Though I did try. It made me so sick.'' He laughed, recalling it now, even though he'd been so miserable at the time. Sebastian agreed, ''We have been quite saved from our vices, have we not? I am most grateful, myself.''

He then began kissing Goldie in earnest. Long, slurpy noisy kisses, which irritated Livia, who lay only scant feet from them. ''I give up, I'll sleep on the floor in the other room!'' And she dragged pillow and blanket back in there. ''Sorry!'' both of them apologized in unison. And then they returned to passionate kissing.

A few more such kisses, then Sebby stopped, pausing to think. He thought out loud, ''I remember my day of turning, in clear detail even though it was so long ago. Giselle gave me three applications of blood deposits. How many did Michael give you?'' As he waited for the answer, he caressed Golden's shoulder. ''Ugh, THREE, I think. Yeah, it was three. What are you getting at?'' Sebastian was coming to a conclusion in his thought, ''I don't think you have received enough. I think your body is being ran on inadequate blood. I should like to offer some of my own. I've not done this before and it should be wonderfully intimate, as well.''

Golden smiled at the thought, ''I'd love to have some of your blood bits running around in me. I'd feel closer to you, too.'' Sebastian needed no further encouragement. He'd go 'traditional', as the neck artery seemed safest. He made the incisive nip, and with a concentration of will, his slender tongue reed stiffened and protruded, finding the artery and getting a good hold within it. One of his hands clutched tightly at Golden while he placed all of his will into directing the deposit. It was odd, he could feel the glands under his chin by his neck drain and become small with deflation.

Only when he was quite certain those glands were completely emptied, did he carefully withdraw the tongue reed, letting it shrink back inside the tongue. Golden purred with satisfaction, ''That was wonderful. I'd like you to do it to me again!'' Sebastian could swear that as he looked at Golden's eyes, they appeared more sparkly and lively. And once more, he kissed Golden's lovely soft full lips with tender devotion. Then he fell over on his side and fell asleep. Golden was surprised to hear low but distinct snoring, as he lay beside Sebby, feeling wonderfully dreamy, before he, too, joined him in sleep.

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