All Things In Good Time

© Joan Ann Lansberry


Sebastian rushed up to Celine, and hugged her as he reminded her, ''See! I told you to hang in there! Didn't I? Now you will be taken back to your mama, and life can begin again for you!'' Grateful tears of joy streamed down her cheeks, ''Thank you! Thank all of you! I want to go back to school. I want to graduate. I want to go to college. I want to BE SOMEBODY! I was so scared that awful man was going to kill me!'' Seb held her close, as he agreed, ''I know, honey! He wasn't a good man. But he won't be ruining any more innocent lives, now. You can feel safe.'' Once more, she cried, and said, ''Thank you!''

She then thought for a second, and asked, ''I want to remember you always. What is your name, you of the red hair?'' Seb laughed, ''Did I not tell you? I am Sebastian!'' And he reached out for her hand and kissed it. She giggled and beamed.

Sebastian beamed in return. Celine safe, he had another thing on his mind, and addressed the group as a whole, ''What will be done with Sardok's mansion and possessions?'' Zaksher addressed his concerns, ''We will speak together on this and come to an agreement.''

With that, all but Giselle and Seb stood still, in an attitude of listening. It was clear this communication was non-verbal. After several minutes of this, Zaksher again spoke, ''We have come to a decision. His mansion and all the surrounding area, which contains houses of forced prostitution and harmful drug manufacturing, will be razed to the ground. And this ground shall be purified, and we shall make of it a park, a place of beauty, so that the beauty shall inspire and uplift others. And no more of the evil that was Sardok will remain!''

All seventeen blood drinkers cheered loudly, ''Hooray!'' And once again, they raised their arms and cheered, ''Hooray!''

With that, the crowd began to break up into small groups of quiet chattering. Irisena was taking to the sky, Celine on her arm, and Sebastian waved to them. He then announced, ''I need a 'lift' home, too? Can anyone give me one?'' Giselle reprimanded him, ''Why, Sebastian, you know I'm only too glad to bring you home! And, besides, I want to swat Michael's butt, or at least tweak his ear, anyway!''

With that, he held on tight, as he shouted, ''Goodbye!'' and looked up at the stars as he was lifted higher and higher. When they dropped down to earth, on the farm, he was surprised to see Lucius was there, waiting for him. Everyone was waiting for him! They all ran to him, and he had a cluster of people around him, hugging and kissing him. ''Lucius told us what a hero you've been! We're so proud of you! We love you!'' Sebastian cried more happy tears as his emotions welled up, overflowing, ''I love you all, too. Thank you for believing in me when few others did. Thank you, Michael, for your strong faith in me! I felt it even when apart from you! I would have never thought to offer my help to Lucius if you hadn't made me feel more than just a silly playboy. Thank you all, I love you all SO much!'' Michael pushed in closer for a tighter hug, and then kissed him unhesitantly, on the cheek. Seb returned a kiss to Michael's cheek. Afterwards, he sought Golden out and give him an especially tender and sensuous kiss with open mouth to open mouth, who returned it as tenderly after uttering, ''My HERO!'' Everyone laughed joyfully, ''Welcome HOME, hero!'' Seb glowed, as he simply said, ''Glad to BE HOME!''


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