All Things In Good Time

© Joan Ann Lansberry

Unexpected Attraction

Needing to change the topic, Livia brought up their future abode. ''It will be nice when we move into more spacious quarters!'' A one bedroom apartment 'with den' really was packed with five vampires crammed into it. ''The new house has four bedrooms. How will we divide them?'' Livia asked.

It was a good subject to shake the dreadful mood their unexpected visitor had caused. Michael made the first suggestions. ''How about Gwen and Livia share one room? I must have one for my office. The farm will take lots of accounting work, bill paying and so forth. I can share one with Golden and Sebastian can have one to himself.''

Both Gwen and Livia agreed that they'd enjoy sharing a room. They'd known each other longer than anyone else in the family, so it was only fitting. Golden, however, was full of protest, ''I want a room of my own. I have so much stuff. I want a place to put my posters, stuffed animals and music CDs. Michael just thinks my stuff is junk, and he sometimes hates my music. He and the other eighteenth century fellow can share a room. Neither of them have much personal possessions, anyway!''

Michael was surprised by Golden's plea. Sebastian just laughed, ''It's true, I only have the clothes on my back, and my jewelry. I had a bag of stuff, another change of clothing, and some money, but I had to leave it behind in one of my infamous fast exits.'' Michael wasn't all that thrilled at having this particular bloodsucker next to him. But he would have his office to escape to. ''Okay, it's all right with me if it's all right with Sebastian,'' grudgingly agreeing.

''Gee, don't sound so thrilled!'' Sebastian replied, still feeling quite low that Michael had not taken to him.

After that, everyone began preparations for bed, and everyone followed their own concerns. Golden, however, sought Sebastian out and whispered to him, ''I think they're all giving you a hard time. I don't think you've done anything all that bad. You can feel free to visit me in my room any time. In fact, I wish you would. I like you!'' With that, Golden shyly planted a kiss on Sebastian's very hungry lips. ''Michael was right, I am lonely, but this Golden child may just have the cure for this ill,'' he thought, as he slowly and sensuously returned the kiss. He felt Golden's breath gasp.

''I have excited him!'' he thought with a joyful triumph. Sebastian felt a joyous hope surge through him as it had not in years. He embraced Golden with an exuberant squeeze, and Golden, too, felt exhilarated. He did not know why the red haired worldly man turned him on, but turn him on, he did. He kissed those experienced lips again. ''All that experience, and he likes me. HE LIKES ME!'' Golden thought he'd float through the roof towards the heavens.

He wanted nothing more than to curl up next to this intoxicating man. He wasn't sure how to arrange it in this tiny apartment, however. He didn't want to wait until he had a room of his own. Michael observed the two of them, and glowered, ''You two take the living room bed! I'll sleep on the couch!'' No sense having them miserable. That they were so hot for each other was inconceivable to him, but they were both creatures of comfort, so maybe that had something to do with it.

Gwen observed Michael's jealous reaction with amusement, and went over to him, ''You can sleep with me, honey! Don't you remember, I was your first!'' Michael brightened. It would be good to share some sensuous moments with her. Livia was left out, and wailed, half joking, ''Odd woman out, again! We need another vampire! Just joking, just joking! I don't want that Giselle!'' Everyone laughed.

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