All Things In Good Time

© Joan Ann Lansberry

Meeting Of The Hearts

Finding that familiar light, Sebastian reached out to Michael's relatively short glossy hair and stroked it. Michael reached for that thin hand of Sebastian's, and looked at it. Six of his ten slender fingers bore rings with large stones. Michael had, in contrast, only one ring on his right pinky, an old one of his mother's, its carvings now nearly worn smooth. He tried to imagine all the people Sebastian had touched with those hands.

Sebastian rushed in with an exuberant kiss, which startled Michael. ''You are like one of those excitable puppies, who go into a frenzy whenever their master notices them!''

Sebby got silly, went on all fours and barked like a dog. Michael laughed, and petted his head, as if Seb were really a dog. ''Good dog, Seb! Good dog! You won't bite me, will you? Never mind, I've been already bitten!'' And with this, he howled with laughter.

Seb ventured another kiss, giving Michael's face a tongue licking, like an excitable puppy. Michael laughed, while he wiped off the spit, ''Um, you DO have enthusiasm!'' He found a deep welling up in his heart, as he looked at the silly Sebby. He was surprised to recognize it as love, and embraced his brother. Sebastian returned the embrace with fervor, knocking Michael back on the floor.

''Calm down, dear puppy!'', said Michael, whose face felt tickled by Seb's hair dangling upon it. He returned the embrace, just as strong. ''I never had a brother, I was an only child,'' Michael declared. ''I am very glad to have you, my brother,'' Seb leaned over Michael, licked his face once more, and laid himself on top of Michael. ''Oh, you HAVE been as lonely as I have,'' Michael declared, as he felt himself forced nearly breathless.

He embraced his wild brother, who continued to lay close. ''You love me, after all? You love me?'' Seb begged. Michael stroked Seb's hair and back, ''Yes, I love you! Yes, I love you!'' He was full of amazement at how deeply he did feel that love.

Sebby tried again for a passionate mouth to mouth kiss. Michael laid there, uncomfortable, while Seb's mouth sought its necessary carnal knowledge. When his mouth was freed, Michael explained, ''Uh, I'm still not 'that way'. It's just the way I am. There is no shame nor virtue to this. It's just the way I am. I understand you, that you need such sexual expression. It is just the way you are, no shame nor virtue to it, either. We are what we are. I love you, my dear brother, and in that fashion. I think you will find some loyalty there. It has no less depth, for the lack of sexual feelings.''

Sebastian didn't fully understand. He was sexual with all, and couldn't understand not being, ''No shame, nor virtue, yes!'' However, he did understand Michael loved him. As he lifted himself up, he looked again at his small brother, ''I, too, never had a brother. I am glad to learn now, what this is.'' He kissed Michael again, this time with closed lips to his cheek. ''I'm glad you understand,'' Michael said as he hugged Sebastian.

They were growing sleepy, and sleep came upon them gently. ''It's good to lay near to him, and not be frightened of him, anymore,'' Michael thought, as he drifted off. ''No more separation, no more wall, no more distrust,'' Sebastian thought, satisfied, as sleep claimed him, too.

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