Photos from Balboa Park's Museum of Man, Egyptian Galleries

Pre-Dynastic to Early Dynastic

Black Topped Pots

Pot w/ Swirls

Pot w/ Stripes

Bowl w/ Gazelle Comb

Old Kingdom

Fragment from Kawab's Tomb

Prince Ankh-haf

"Opening of the Mouth" Tools
Personified Estates

First Intermediate Period and Middle Kingdom

Stele of Mentuhotep

Statue of Mentuhotep

Statue of Mentuhotep III

Re-inscribed Sphinx

Statue of Sehetepib Senaaib

Fragment of Lintel Block

Fragments of Senwosret I

Head of Female Sphinx


Head of a Nobleman
Second Intermediate Period and New Kingdom

Uraei from Amarna

New Kingdom Chalice

New Kingdom Mirrors

Sarcophagus -Thutmose I

Queen Hatshepsut

Fragment with Uraeus

From the Tomb of Thutmose IV

Amenhotep II Offering

Game Box & Pieces

Bowl with Tilapia

Fish-Shaped Jar

Reliefs of Sobekmose


Shawabty Coffin Lid

N.K. Canopic Jars

Amenemhat's Canopic Jar

Small Faience Fragments


Alabaster Amphora

Model Vessel

Fragment with Seti I

N.K. Prince

Statue of Ramesses II

Slipper Coffin

Unfinished Stela

Third Intermediate Period and Late Period

Hathor Capital


Aegis of Isis

Mummy Case & Mummy of Tabes



Statuette of Ptah

Ram's Head Finial

Head of Ankhkhonsu

Huge Statue of Aspelta

Statue of Anlamani

Boat Stand of Atlanersa

Ibis & Priest

Box with Frog

Hedgehog and ...

Was Scepter

Statuette of a Cat

Sarcophagus of Kheper-Re

Osiris Seated

Falcon Coffin

"Boston Green Head"


Greco-Roman Era

Oxyrhynchus Fish

Bell with Bes


Ptolemy I & Hathor

Isis & Serapis

Bes the Warrior

Amen & Ptah-Sokar-Osiris


Snake Bracelet

Mummy Mask

Shroud of Tasheretwedjahor

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