Mummy Coffin, Twenty Sixth Dynasty

Mummy Coffin
Dynasty 26, ca. 600 BCE
Balboa Park Museum of Man, Martin and Maria Paul Collection

Photos ©Joan Ann Lansberry, 2016

"This is a wooden anthropoid very similar to another in this collection. The face has been painted green, the color of resurrection, associating it with Osiris, god of the underworld, who had been resurrected by his wife Isis (Aset).

"The deceased is wearing a dark blue wig with yellow borders that falls over an elaborately painted beaded collar of pomegranates and lotus buds. Similar to other sarcophagi in this collection, a false beard is attached to the chin and chest, possibly indicating some element of high status. This beard is particularly detailed, showing the curled ends of the beard hair. The eyebrows are inlaid bronze and the eyes are made from polished limestone with painted irises. "The body of the coffin is painted in an off-white color, perhaps to represent the look of a newly shrouded mummy wearing a mummy mask. Hieroglyphs are painted around the base of the foot box." (From info card)