Ptolemaic Shrine

The writing is almost hieratic, Ptolemaic era, at the Museum of Man, Balboa Park...
I'm not able to decipher this, to determine if this is Anubis, Wepwawet or Duamutef

The result from 2004 visit with the "ancient" camera...

That same side featuring Qebehsenuef or Horus or Heru-Wer or???
I was thinking this pillar could depict the four sons of Horus. If the fourth unphotographed side had a baboon face, then it would be certain. But my poor photo below may be enough to gain a better idea:

However this isn't looking like bearded Imsety, it's looking very much like a lady holding a ribbon.
I am able to make out the glyphs for Osiris at upper right.

I revise my guess into funerary shrine for the lady in question.