Ptah Creates
January 26, 2019

Ptah Creates

Divine yearning,
before words form,
arises hidden.
Amun, the life-force, source of all,
the power behind all yearning,
all desires of the heart,
this Power is in the hands of Ptah.
It is Radiant within him,
it glows through out his Being,
his beautiful face,
his beautiful eyes,
his beautiful thoughts.
Images arise in his mind's eye,
images, only ideas, of what could come into being.
Ideas become form.
He gives each being its Ka.
Each Divine Being knows its Ka.
The words to form thoughts,
Ptah shapes these too.
He gives these words to Djehuty,
who then gives them to everyone.
Words make knowledge possible!
It is with words and longing we make our prayers.
Ptah, the great listener,
hears our prayers.
It is with longing and words we form our own creations.
Because Ptah creates, we may create.
Dua to the Source!
Dua to the Radiance!
Dua to the Creator!
Amun, Ra and Ptah!

By Joan Ann Lansberry

Translations of the Shabaka stone, the Berlin Hymn to Ptah, and Hymns to Amun-Ra from the Hibis Temple
were most helpful in formulating the ideas for this poem.

Printable pdf available

Translation of Shabaka Stone via "Ptah, Creator of the Gods: Reconsideration of the Ptah Section of the Denkmal" by Ragnhild Bjerre Finnestad for Numen, Vol. 23, Fasc. 2 (Aug., 1976), pp. 81-113 (Published by: Brill).

Translation of The Berlin Hymn via:Wolf, Walther, Der Berliner Ptah-Hymnus (P 3048, II-XII) ZÄS Zeitschrift für Ägyptische Sprache und Altertumskunde 641929 17-44 (with the help of Google Translate)

Excerpts from Adoration of the Ram: Five Hymns to Amun-Re from Hibis Temple, by David Klotz, (2006, Yale Egyptological Seminar) in particular pages 122-123 Commentary excerpts from Cult Topography at Memphis and Papyrus Leiden and page 195, from Hymn to the Bas of Amun

Ptah Creates

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