Tiny "Shrinies"
February 3, 2019

Ankh 'kA' key votive (lotus version), by On The Temple Steps, in "natural" bronze


There's been just a few new additions to the shrines. The above was inspired by the key to the door of the temple at Abu Simbel, which is the shape of an ankh. But the artist made it more fancy, to have the floral ends.

And here it is in situ:

To me, it is saying "life to one's Ka", a theme seen in Old Kingdom art.

Queen Merneith's tomb had a sealing with 'life to the spirit'

Hathor's area of this informal shrine has an addition (actually a "trade-out"). Her little cup now is filled with two tourmaline crystals. The one on top and visible is of the rubellite variety.

Set's side also has an addition of a black tourmaline. (I've had the tourmalines for over twenty years, from back when we lived near Tucson and could go to the gem and mineral shows there.)

The formal shrine also has an addition. Ptah-Sokar-Wesir wanted a cloak on his statue, so he got one:

I used the needlepoint canvas as the fabric, so I could make a needlepointed border around it.

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