Vignettes with Set
November 3, 2022

Since this post, I've not shown the progress of this tapestry of Set.
Progress as of March 18, 2022...
The hieroglyphs to our left is Set's name, smaller hieroglyphs say "Lord of Heaven"

It is 23cm by 33cm including the hanger casing
And here he is on the wall, with ankh pendants, as seen in April this year....

Set's been getting the love. The other shrine area has had a new addition:

Left facing Sha by Lena Toritch ( greatly improved upon my design sketch), right facing Sha by Sedjfai,
Nebthet medallion by me.

A slight re-org of the main shrine, the scarab is the back side of the coin on the left.

Shrine scene with Set, little round above his head looking a bit like a sun disc. (My “home made” statue!)
Set is sometimes shown with sun disc)
(Link to view of tiny Set sha to our right)

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