A Mat for Ma'at and....
August 20, 2022

Several of our statues have had a little upgrade:

I chose colors to match the beads of lapis lazuli, whitish aquamarine and brass.

It hides a secret:

This statue mat began with the first mat, one for Heru-sa-Aset as Heru-Sema-Tawy:

The artwork behind the statue is by LunaCrystalCreation

And then I felt Nit wanting one for her statue:

The whole statue is under this link.

And then she wanted one for her other statue:

Beads are pearls, pink and gold tourmalines and garnets.

This mat has a secret, too:

(Statue is a reproduction of one at the Louvre, search "Neith"), possibly this one, minus uraeus?
Support book Gifts for the Gods, a lovely exhibition catalogue.

October 12, 2022
"Mamma" Hathor's statue has now got a mat, too:

Greens for Hathor's rejuvenating aspect and pinks for her gentle aspect.

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