December 12, 2021

Julia coined the word for these scenarios. These shrines only exist in digital space, so she calls them "shrinarios":

First, Ptah with his consort Sekhmet:

JBL Sekhmet statue, my cross stitch tapestry, Ptah is reproduction by the Hermitage museum, small Ma'at is from "On the Temple Steps

Ptah again here, with Nit (reproduction from a statuette in the Louvre). He has his blue tourmaline, while she has a garnet sphere. (My cross stitch tapestry ankh).

Hathor-Sekhmet as 'Eye of Ra'
Ma'at statue by JBL, my design minted by Medallic Art Company, my cross stitch tapestry, dark Ma'at is reproduction of a piece in the Louvre museum

Garnets for Nit, my medallions, my needlepoint of Nebthet, amethyst for Nebthet.

I wanted to see Nebthet's needlepoint close to her medallion. I hope to figure out how to make that proximity happen.

(As this shrinario is currently taking the Hathor, Ptah and Set shelf, they'll want that shelf back very soon.)

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