Comparing the Design and its Realization
October 12, 2017

Hathor side... (Medals are three inches in diameter)

Sekhmet side...

A plan has been realized! The idea began during the Festival of the Beautiful Reunion last June. Inspired by Julia's gift to me of a coin featuring Anubis (Yinepu), and subsequent research into its designer and the medallions she crafted, I designed two rounds featuring Hethert and Sekhmet.

Another view of the Sekhmet side. The true color is a gold patina, somewhere between these two views.
The minting was done by Medallic Art Company, Ltd. , which had then been acquired by Northwest Territorial Mint LLC.

I first started with the drawing of Sekhmet. I used museum photos of two different statues of Sekhmet at the Met museum. One had the right angle I wanted, but it lacked a crown and uraeus, so I consulted a different statue's photo to get those. Once I got Sekhmet drawn, I started on the drawing of Hethert. I used photos of her statue at the Turin museum for guidance. That statue of Hethert has a damaged uraeus, so I was able to flip the uraeus from the first drawing and adapt it to this drawing.

The idea is that the two Deities are "two sides of the same coin", gentle Hethert can become fierce Sekhmet, fierce Sekhmet can become appeased and soften into gentle Hethert. The designs are such that the eyes of each Deity are exactly placed to be in the same spot on either side.

I found it fascinating to compare the medal design and its realization. I think the mint used a digital three-dimensional creation program, unlike the more traditional method of creating a very large clay model. (Heidi Wastweet shares the traditional method via this link.)

Digitally created enhanced 3D render

It's interesting to see what lines their artist kept, unaltered, except for the shaping.

The Hethert side seems mostly unchanged, except their artist greatly refined her mouth:

The Sekhmet side got more refining:

The artist added hairlines, (which I forgot), and did a different thing with the collar, which makes a better contrast. Also, the hieroglyphs seem a bit larger and nicer.

(Note of November 16, 2017)
Sekhmet is nudging me to tell you all that I have medals FOR SALE, 100$ US, plus shipping. This is a reduced price, and doesn't include all of the cost of having the dies made. Please write to me at the email below:

Moving on to a different project of mine, the thrones are now in place, with "bony" armatures sitting on them.. I'm hearing rumblings from Set that He'd like me to attempt putting some "flesh" on that armature I made several months ago. Scary stuff! Set likes me to try scary stuff, :)

And, a mystery. Third throne was to be for Djehuty. But I keep feeling an Amun-Ra vibe around it? Hmmmmmm?

(Note of June 28, 2019)
A Bit of Glowing Praise:

The early summer morning sun comes through the window and casts a glow....
Notice, too, the matching dark round shadow in the back....

A happy customer wanted to leave a good review of the medallion. He said:
"The medallion arrived this afternoon, and what can we say? It's stunning!!! We're both bowled over by how good it is. Thank you so much, Joan! :)) <3

The craftsmanship and artistry are both superb, even better in person/flesh/metal than on the screen. Please let me know if there's any way or place we can leave a review of this to sing your praises. :))"

Thank you! (Remember, I have more available!)

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