New Project and a New Shiny
July 20, 2018


The idea appeared in my mind's eye, Hathor and Set silhouetted with the words "MY TWO FOREVER" beneath them and bordered similarly to Wepwawet's needlepoint, but with brighter colors.

For some reason unknown to me, my 18 grid paper printed out smaller than the actual canvas size. Thus, when sizing it to fit into the border, my original border came out too short, as I held my plotted paper to Wepwawet's needlepoint, and figured all would fit, if only I made the "bricks" one "pixel" longer, 10x5, rather than 9x5. I plotted my border first. Alas, this wasn't long enough! So I had to make the border longer. To keep the flow of the "red/blue/green/yellow" flow correct, I needed to add four more "bricks". That left me with a bit more space after the "Neheh" hieroglyphs. So I figured, after the short version of my Kemetic name, I'd place the short version of my mundane name, and plotted "Joan" on the bottom.

From the evening of July 12th until the evening of July 18th, I was without a computer. It was very frustrating to be without the internet, but I made good progress on the needlepoint during its absence:

The idea of the red glowing "aura" came when I was stitching...

The new computer arrived on Wednesday and this lovely piece designed by "On the Temple Steps" was waiting for me when I came home from work today:

And here she is, in situ!
(I chose the "natural brass" so no details would be lost, 3.22 x 5.56 x 0.3 cm (1.27 x 2.19 x 0.12 inches))

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