Well Gifted
August 25, 2018


I woke early this morning. While I watch the clock for when I can take my next dose of generic Tylenol, I feel blessed to remember all the lovely art people have shared with me.

First, I share a "pocket icon" Gezausenu made for me:

3.5 by 2.5 inches, in photo here enlarged to 4 by 6 inches

It is wonderful to look at, and remember Sekhmet's desire for us to be courageous. Also, for me, personally as "Hathor-gone-Sekhmet", her primal maternal love that fiercely will embrace me through whatever trials lie ahead. (I almost wrote "trails", "trails of trials", I've got to get through those!) "Hathor-gone-Sekhmet" will be there for me.

Iseqi drew this beautiful rendering of Hathor and Set for me:

4.5 by 7 inches, in photo here slightly smaller at 4 by 6 inches

The next piece is part of a "Coloring Time in Honor of Ptah" workshop that Gezausenu led. We were surprised that they drew individually for each of us involved in the workshop a unique portrait of the one or two deities most significant to us. As thirty five of us took part, that's a lot of drawings!

4 by 6 inches, line drawing by Gezausenu, coloring by me

There it is, in my shrine.

To its left, I have Ra's Solar Barque votive in "natural bronze", which has a slightly reddish color.

Also, I wish to report that I'm continuing to make progress on my needlepoint project. As of August 20th, I'd made this much progress. I'll have another photo later with more current progress.

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