The Process
February 18, 2018

In this drawing I did last week, Hathor is singing. Set says he wants the icon with the ears, because he "wants to hear" her singing. It's a charming idea, that She is singing!

Set wants to hear, and the icons will help him hear. I'd already sent for a tiny pendant, "with the ears", and it arrived yesterday:

Created by Jim Weddington, viaShapeways

It's tiny, but it has Set's ears:

To the right, we can see a bit of that sad armature, waiting since May of last year!

So this drawing above has finally inspired me! I'm still not emotionally ready for the big armature. But I have a bag of three inch wooden disks, with which to create a rough hewn matching medal of Set to match the incredibly elegant one of Hathor.

I know from watching some videos online, the process for a medal or medallion is an additive one. I started with coating the disk in clay:

I have the pattern printed out.

How to delineate the borders? I couldn't etch them in, I had to add them.

Looking at Hathor's beautiful medal, I see the forward sections are higher up.

Therefore I started with the areas that would be farther away in three dimensional space, the back ear and the back shoulder, and moved forward from there.

Now, the disk is ready for the detailing! I am encouraged, perhaps I can really get this to a place that will deserve being cast in bronze!

Note of March 25, 2018
Yes, this piece is safely off to the foundry!

Note of July 20, 2018
AND, this piece is now safely back from he foundry!
The elegant Hathor with the rough-hewn Set!

Note of March 7, 2022
Now they have matching stands:
The elegant Hathor with the rough-hewn Set!

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