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February 11, 2018

I was up very late last night. After telling everyone via the forums about the New Things, I was so very mentally wired. I used to do it what feels like years ago. I did it in the wee hours this morning, at 1:00am. I did an "automatic" (intuitive) drawing to siphon off the excess mental energy.

It WAS "years ago"! I see the last one was done November of 2015! If you follow that link, you'll see a lady holding a large sistrum that looks just like the one I recently got!

So that was a bit prophetic! That wasn't the first "prophetic" or "psychic" intuitive drawing I've received. Back in October of 2014 I was amazed to see my intuitive drawing show up in the news. The contours of an explosion in my drawing exactly matched the contours of an explosion of a rocket bound for the space station. Also, note the red button being pushed in my drawing. In that night's news report, PBS Newshour reporter Miles O'Brien spoke of how they had to "push the red button which terminates the vehicle, the 'destruct button' as they say."

When I can pull up such nightmaric visions through my intuitive drawings, it may be understandable why I might have been afraid to probe via the intuitive drawings. World events have been rather disturbing the past few years!

I'm starting to come to terms with all the things over which I have no influence. Humanity will rise out of the dark days to come. We may be ragged and worse for wear, but humanity WILL survive! The inventions of scientifically minded young people, perhaps yet to be born, will ease our lives in environmentally sustainable ways.

Meanwhile, back to the 1:00am drawing!

The top image represents the main shelf of my large shrine, in which icons of Set and Hathor reside. I have a throne there for Set, with a "bony" armature sitting on it, along with the needlepoint which says "Set, son of Nut, great of strength on the prow of the barque of Ra.

I've felt so bad about that unfinished armature. I had also an idea to make a 3 inch round with Set's head to somewhat match the medal of Hathor. I sent for some 3 inch wooden discs to serve as a base. But I've been so afraid to make the first attempt. Nevermind, I really like the ankhs I did, and I'm pleased with the thrones.

Now that the Sa needlepoint is done, I hope to get up the courage to make an attempt soon.

Enter this drawing, my first ever intuitive drawing in ages! In it, Hathor is singing. Set says he wants the icon with the ears, because he "wants to hear" her singing. It's a charming idea, that She is singing!

Okay, dear Set, I'll make an attempt.

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