New Things
February 10, 2018

I've finished the Sa needlepoint!

Yes, the one side is in shadow. Despite my best efforts with Photoshop, the photo still appears in shadow, but at least it is as my eyes see it.

To see the color properly, I had to resort to flash...
I've adjusted the pattern to reflect the various design changes.

There are other new things I've acquired!

Prisse d'Avennes _Atlas of Egyptian Art_

D'Avennes "was far ahead of his time in his awareness of the vulnerability of the monuments and the need to protect them and to record them. His were the first reliable drawings of Egyptian architecture and ornaments and the first plans and sections of constructions newly excavated. He returned to Paris [in 1860] with a rich harvest of 300 drawings, 400 meters of squeezes; and 150 photographs." --Maarten J. Raven, Curator of the Egyptian Department, the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden, Leiden."

Many of the things he illustrated no longer exist!

The other item is a SISTRUM! Now that I know Kentaurus Designs also makes these with brass cymbals in them, I'm tempted for a second one!

There's nothing very new here, just a view of the Ptah side of my shrine, with the Sekhmet side of the medal nearby...

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