Intuitive Artwork

Visit Exotic Places

Receiving - Offering

A Gathering of...

Happy to See You

Working Together

Not Losing a Flower

A Semblance of Life

Always Beginning

Midnight Illuminations

Juicy Tree

Rooted & Reaching

Examining the Tea

King of Wot


Nighttime Surging of Hope

Embraced I

Carnival Mood

Embraced II

Conjuring the Music

Mona Mona

If I Open my Arms
(I used to call these 'Automatic Drawings', which implies that ONLY the subconscious intuitive processes are used. Does some conscious process get in? It's possible. So now I call these 'intuitive' drawings, which may sound all 'new agey', but maybe is a more accurate description of the process.)

"Art is a marriage of the conscious and the unconscious." - Jean Cocteau

"I accept the Surrealist formula: the need to place the logic of the visible at the service of the invisible, to remake the world around us by the power of one's imagination" - J.G. Ballard

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