Hymn to Ptah
May 15, 2021

Djed pillar pendant, with tourmaline, garnet and peridot beads, which graces the small statue of Ptah
(Ptah is called "The Noble Djed")

Hymn of Ptah

Dua Ptah,
Great of Strength,
Lord of Truth!
I have come into your presence,
Oh Ptah, South of his Wall
The Noble One of the Gods,
I have beheld Your beauties
and my heart is glad.

Various excerpts from a stele W.F. Petrie found at Memphis
(See: "Two Horizons" by Chelsea Bolton)
(See also: William Matthew Flinders, Memphis II, page 21
(Cambridge University Press, 2013),
(Ptah is called "South of his Wall, while Nit (Neith) is called "North of her Wall")
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The stele from whence the excerpts come, (Petrie, Memphis II, Plate XXV)

"The stele in the lower half of Pl. XXV has an unusual representation, in the middle, of a shrine decorated with a djed-column upon which are perched two hawks crowned with the disc of the sun. On the djed-column is inscribed 'Ptah, the great one of might....'"(Page 21)

"Great of Strength" is a title of Set, see the two lions...

The scribe Piay speaks through this stela. The long inscription from right to left reads, "(1)Adoration (dua) to Ptah, the lord of truth...."

Going right to left, starting column two of the top right, "He says, I have come into thy presence Oh Ptah, South-of-his-wall, the noble one of the gods; I have beheld thy beauties and my heart is glad." (Translation via Petrie/Walker in Memphis II)

"Rejoice", (hai, A 28)
(_Reading Egyptian Art_, Richard Wilkinson, page 27)
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