Beads and Prayers
May 7, 2021

It all started with the lovely beads Bear/Mutiemweret made for Hathor
They so perfectly capture Hathor's gentle love.
(Statue by Lena Toritch, from sketches I made.)

Hymn of Hathor

Dua Hathor!
Adoration to You,
Eye of Ra, Lady of Heaven,
Beautiful One,
It is joyful to see You!
It is sweet to follow You!
Your embrace fills our hearts with joy!
All the Gods rejoice to see you!
Shining and powerful One!
Dua Hathor!

Joan Ann Lansberry, 4-26-2021,
BUT almost all the lines were taken from ancient hymns
(See "Flaming Goddess" by Chelsea Bolton)

Hathor's beads got me thinking and meditating with Ptah:
What type of beads would He like?
"We chose" dark blue and greenish tourmaline beads, lighter blue/nearly white beads of aquamarine.
The pendant is one I'd had for maybe ten years, but rarely wore.
It is still available, though

Then, looking at my bag of beads, seeing some orangish beads,
a color harmony came into my mind:
Dyed fire agate with lapis lazuli beads, the almost white aquamarine beads and the yellow agate beads.
The tiny ankh by "Dragonscale" is one I'd had for years

But for what Deity? Sekhmet? Heru-Wer?
Djehuty has claimed this combo!
(Statue by Onurise, from Egypt)

Daily Prayer

Blessings to the Akhu,
I am me because of you.
Dua Wepwawet,
If I listen, You will lead.
Blessings to the Seba-u,
Your good lessons I will heed.
Dua Ma'at,
Your wise Truth is my light.
Dua Netjer in all your Names,
As You guide with transforming love,
I grow, becoming ever more blessed.

Joan Ann Lansberry, 5-4-2021,
(Based on a traditional "Senut" prayer)
Printable available

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