Hathor's Love
January 31, 2021

Hathor's Love

Dua Hathor, for her Great Love, her all embracing arms which hold me close!

She brought my Ba into being
by the strength of her love,
by the amazing, unstoppable force of her boundless love.

She watches over my Ka,
with the strength of her love,
with the amazing, unstoppable force of her boundless love.

She wipes away my tears after I have a good cry.

Her hug is strong, her chest soft and full bodied.
She is not thin, as she holds me,
Her hug is warm.
I can cry in her arms all I need.

She is strong and can take it.
She is not a regal, distant Queen.
Her Majesty comes from her Creative Power,
the power of her love.

She knows there is a Power in her,
that not even She herself sees.
She knows Ptah will guide that part of herself she cannot see.
She knows it is all done because of love,
even that Great Anger of the Lioness.

It will come into being,
the protection of her children,
She holds everyone of us close.
None of us will be lost,
not in this life,
nor the next.
She will ensure it.

Dua Mamma!
You who have been with me since the beginning,
since the beginning of every Ka my Ba
has ever had.
You are sufficient for this one,
in which I draw breath and know my name,
my names,
The name which you have given me,
"My Two, Forever".
Because you ARE Forever.
Humanity's neglect cannot change that.
Awareness of you will spring anew,
from future hearts which have not yet been born.
You ARE forever,
you assure me my Ba is forever,
and this Ka will not be forgotten.

Day by day,
sunrise to sunrise
You are there...
Glowing in your Majesty,
glowing in your Love.
the great, luminous Glowing....
Love growing in my heart.

    ----Joan Ann Lansberry, 1-31-2021
     Printable available
     Inspired by thinking about love in a forum's thread, which got me started pondering.

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