She Who Loves Ma'at
March 4, 2021


These things begin as they so often do. While searching for something else, I come across....

While searching for "Cauville, Sylvie, Chentayt et Merkhetes, des avatars d'Isis et Nephthys", I did a blanket search of IFAO's website for "Cauville", and hit... PAYDIRT! Sylvie Cauville also wrote Hathor "en tous ses noms"(Hathor "in all her names") The temple of Hathor at Dendara has, in the hypostyle hall, more than 300 names of Hathor which were invoked during feasts of divine royalty.

My French is bad, my Egyptian hieroglyph understanding is even worse, but I can make out:

Celle qui aime Maât, She who loves Ma'at

I've found that to be true in my religious experience. Hathor always wants an image of Ma'at near her. This needlepoint I did in 2018 is graced with a pendant of Ma'at at the center of the amulet row:

All of the pendants by On the Temple Steps

A statuette of Ma'at and an amulet of Ma'at are nearby Hathor's statue....
They just "need to be" there....
Because Hathor LOVES MA'AT

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