Prayer to Sekhmet-Nesret and Ptah-Sokar-Wesir
November 10, 2020

Prayer to Sekhmet-Nesret and Ptah-Sokar-Wesir

I come before Sekhmet. Her husband Ptah is near by.

Her perfumed Presence envelopes me as I begin to pray:

Dua Sekhmet-Nesret! I would know Truth, that I live more effectively.
I would have an accurate threat assessment, that I be able to make the best decisions.

I fear some future day. Do I hear the voice of future-me saying:
"Oh 'young' one, you don't know what is still good in your life. You are wasting your moments!"

Am I?

I am grateful to have made it to sixty-two. Many have not had/will not have that privilege.

What lies ahead in the future? How can I have happiness in this moment?
There are choices, some better, some not as wise. I do not wish to succumb to terror.

Oh Sekhmet-Nesret!
Oh Ptah-Sokar-Wesir!
I do not wish to succumb to terror.

I would be an 'illuminating light' for those in the future.
I would reflect the flame of your Power, oh Sekhmet!
I would have a clear mind, unencumbered by delusion, oh Ptah-Sokar-Wesir.
You both are always there to remind me I do not struggle alone.

Give strength to your children! Oh fiery side of Mama, give strength to your children!
Will there be defiant joy in the face of Peril?
Give strength to your children!

Oh calm, eternal Noble Djed, give strength to your children and grandchildren.
Grant that our peace comes deep in our souls, may your stability be our stability!

Kheperu! Yours are the words of creation! Kheperu!
Moment to moment, Kheperu!


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